Frech rev.

  • France is top country in Europe

  • Napoleon Born in corsica

  • French governmetn sinks into debt

  • Napoleon became a lieutnant

  • First estates general meeting

  • Representative Government Begins

  • Day of the bastille

  • Royals escape to austrian netherlands.

  • Period: to

    Leaders of revolution recieve deth xentences

  • king louis is beheaded

  • robespierre gains leadership

  • Revolution ends

  • Napoleon becomes "dictator"

  • europe at peace

  • Napoleon sells Louisiana

  • Napoleon Becomes Emperor

  • Napoleon Blocks trade with england

  • Napoleon's son is born

  • Napoleon Marches into russia

  • Russians defeat Napoleon as he retreats

  • Battle of Leipzing

  • Period: to

    Congress of Vienna

  • Napoleon "gives up the throne"

  • Napoleon escapes elba and regains his position as emperor of france

  • Battle of Waterloo

  • Napoleon Dies