Fracción de vida

Timeline created by Sebastian Galindez
  • that's how it all began ...

    On February 19, 2004 at about 6 in the morning my mother arrived at the hospital with my dad and the duration of the delivery was quite extensive and at about 7 at night I finished the delivery and I was born.
  • from i have memory

    On August 1, 2007, I entered the school and the first year I attended was transition, in November of the same year, I was at rest playing when suddenly I slipped and hit me with the edge of a wall and that caused me to open the head After that I don't remember much.
  • new member of the family

    new member of the family
    I was very happy because I was going to have a brother and my parents alike, after so many days of waiting, the day finally arrived and my family and I were waiting for my brother in the house.
  • School change

    I started a new stage in a different school and it was a bit weird because I didn't know anyone and I was little, I went to the second grade and although it was weird at the beginning then I adapted well and stayed in that school until 5 grade.
  • My parents separated

    I don't have a clear reason why they separated, but when they decided to separate, my father moved to the Villadelviento neighborhood and, between the two, they agreed that my brother and I could spend a week with my father and another with my mother.
  • I have broken my leg

    One day, after arriving from school, I changed, had lunch and went out to play with my friends. After playing for a while, I went to my house and tried to jump a wall, but what I didn't know was that that wall was loose, I put my hand on the wall and the wall stayed on my foot, a neighbor helped me. I get up and take me home after that I went to the hospital and etc.
  • Primary graduation

    Primary graduation
    When I finished 5th grade they did a ceremony and I graduated with "honors" and ended up as the best in the institution.
  • family travel

    On a mid-year vacation, my father's family organized a trip to Atacames and the whole family went by car and the trip until we reached our destination lasted about 4 days.
  • trip with my mom

    This time I traveled with my brother and my mother, it was a very fun experience since most of all we visited amusement parks such as Mundo Aventura, El Parque del Café, Salitre Mágico and after visiting the amusement parks we had planned to go to Cali to visit to my aunt but my brother got sick and touched to return to Popayan.
  • Family travel 2.0

    Once again, my father's family organized a family trip but this time we visited the coffee axis and Cartagena and the only "bad" thing that happened to us was a car of a family member that was damaged but quickly resolved and we continued with the trip
  • Period: to

    there is a long way to go.

    So interesting things have not happened to me these last two years but I am happy to have my whole family and nothing bad has happened to me, I also have my friends with whom I can laugh and tell in good times and bad times (or so less that I hope) but I still have a lot to live and what I just told you is just a fraction of life