Fourth Period: Muslim Timeline

  • Period: 570 to Mar 6, 632

    Muhammad's Life

  • Period: Mar 6, 632 to Mar 6, 661

    Rightly Guided Caliphs

    Abu Bakr: 632-634
    Umar: 634-644
    Uthman: 644-656
    Ali: 656-661
  • Period: Mar 6, 661 to Mar 6, 750

    Umayyad Dynasty

    Expanded the empire: Syria, North Africa, Spain
    Moved the capital from Mecca to Damascus
  • Mar 6, 732

    Islamic State becomes a great empire

  • Period: Mar 6, 750 to Mar 6, 1258

    Abbasid Dynasty

    Abu al-Abbas first Abbasid caliph
    devoted their energy to trade, scholarship, and the arts
    Moved the capital to Baghdad
    Loved the art and literature of Persia
  • Period: Mar 6, 1055 to Mar 8, 1258

    Seljuk Turks

    Abbasids hired them as soldiers, Seljuks turned on their employers
    Took over modern day Iran and Turkey
    Took over Baghdad in 1055
    ruled government and the military
    Abbasids were the caliphs
  • Period: Mar 6, 1200 to

    Ottoman Empire

    Suleyman I: weakened the empire by eliminating his male heirs
    Suleyman I focused on architecture
    Christian families in Eastern Europe ahs to send their sons to Istanbul
    Collpased at the en of WWI
  • Mar 6, 1258

    Mongols sack Baghdad

    Fall of the Abbasid, Seljuk, and Arab Empires
  • Period: Mar 6, 1300 to Mar 6, 1400

    Timbuktu becomes center of Muslim learning

    Sufis: group who wanted to spread Islam through praying and teaching
  • Mar 6, 1453

    End of the Byzantine Empire

    Constantinople falls; Mehmed II sacks the city and renames it Istanbul
  • Period: Mar 6, 1500 to

    Mogul Empire

    Began in India
    Babur took control using cannons, gunpowder, elephants, horses, his grandson Akbar is the best leader, cultivated cultural diversity
  • Mar 6, 1526

    Moguls make Delhi their capital