final project

  • Period: 250 to 900


    the Maya had amazing pyramids
  • Period: 300 to 500

    Gupta empire

    They had 12 mosques in their city and they had many merchants settle their meaning more trade
  • Period: 300 to 1100


    Ghana had more respect for women sooner than most of the world. The ruler would be the son of the kings sister
  • Period: 330 to 1453

    Byzantine empire

    the Byzantine empire had the city of Constantinople which was the richest city for 700 years. they are also responsible for the Eastern orthodox religion
  • Period: 618 to

    imperial china

    during the song dynasty they would not have unworthy people in charge of political positions
  • Period: 632 to 1258

    muslim empire

    they had advanced medicine like durgs, diet, and exercise.
  • Period: 794 to


    they had lots of literature and was one of the only ones to have mostly woman writing the books
  • Period: 800 to

    holy roman empire

    A city during the holy roman empire was Constnatinople, this city had a population of over 1,000,000.
  • Period: 1200 to 1533


    Inca had an advanced communication they had things called Quipus which were ropes and notts
  • Period: 1240 to 1460


    one of their leaders did a hajj and paid for everything in gold
  • Period: 1300 to 1521


    the Aztecs claimed to be god to hide their past
  • Period: 1460 to


    In songhai the king was both a ruler and the spiritual leaders