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Final Project

  • First day at High School

    First day at High School
    My entire educational career i have been at a private school. My 9th grade year i went to a public school. Etowah High School.
  • Joined Drumline

    Joined Drumline
    I joined drumline my sophmore year. I was very intimidated and scared to try out. I made 5th bass drum!
  • Got braces off

    Got braces off
    I had them on for 2 years and i was so happy to get them off!
  • Where I'm From part 2

    Where I'm From part 2
    I'm from 100 feet under water in the Caribbean. I'm from Euros to dollars. I'm from planes to cruise ships.
    I'm from the youth group road trips in the mountains to the parties every sunday. I'm from early morning coffee, and volunteering at church.
    I'm from "if your not early, then your late", and "you can never practice enough", hot pavement, and sock tans.
    I'm from drum beats and musical notes on a warm summer evening.
  • Where I'm From part 3

    Where I'm From part 3
    I'm from late night football games. I'm from camp outs and bonfires. I'm from saturday competitions that last all day long. I'm from grandparents that always visit.
    I'm from never enough time to study and all nighters. I'm from "the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time." I'm from "judgement comes from experiance, but experience comes through bad judgement."
  • Where I'm From

    Where I'm From
    I'm from tall towering heights over my family. I'm from big shoes the size of clown shoes. I'm from short blonde hair. I'm from sleeping until noon.
    I'm from the large neighborhoods on georgia's red clay. I'm from the house that keeps its fair share of secret recipes.
    I'm from the summer days with sand castles, jellyfish stings, and digging holes in the sand as a child. I'm from shooting competitions on the weekends.
    I'm from flying down big snowy hills in the cold winter air.
  • Got all superiors at a band competion

    Got all superiors at a band competion
    We had practiced our show so much! we were really excited to see all "1's" on the score sheet.
  • Accepted to Auburn University

    Accepted to Auburn University
    This was actually my second college choice. I am really excited to be going to such a great college and learn!
  • Where I'm Going part 1

    Where I'm Going part 1
    I’m going to appearances as new as college.
    I’m going to new clothes in a drawer.
    I’m going to worlds of new responsabilities.
    I’m going from places I know.
    I’m going to places that I don’t know.
    I’m going to vast opportunities.
    I’m going to Orange as far as the eye can see.
    I’m going to new friends.
    I’m going to new places to live.
    I’m going to large and loud football games every Saturday.
  • Where I'm Going part 2

    Where I'm Going part 2
    I’m going to new traditions I will never understand.
    I’m going to long summer days with bikes.
    I’m going to summer road trips to foreign places.
    I’m going to winter fires with friends.
    I’m going to winter parties as fun as christmas.
    I’m going to drumline auditions in the summer heat.
    I’m going to to halftime shows starring me.
    I’m going to long practice days in the rain.
    I’m going to the cheering and adoring fans.
    I’m going to a great school who leads in education.
  • Where I'm Going part 3

    Where I'm Going part 3
    I’m going to roommate arguments at 3 in the morning.
    I’m going to long nights studying for impossible exams.
    I’m going to a place away from parents.
    I’m going to crazy chemistry labs that destroy the classroom.
    I’m going to a future engineering job.
    I’m going to new wisdom from years of education.
    I’m going to a future family with all good values.
    I’m going to a house that I will call mine.
  • Graduation

    Class of 2013! Woo! I graduated and i am ready to go to college and see all of my opportunities.