Fever Pitch Final Project-My personal timeline

Timeline created by harrykaterelos
  • My Harry Potter obsession

    If i could name a fictional universe that had a substantial impact on my childhood years that would be Harry Potter.Since i was 7 years old up to 1 or 2 years ago , Harry,Hermione and Ron taught me a lot of things about principles,frienship and loyalty.It feels like they were there in my ups and lows and i in turn was present to all of their adventures. And even though, I have read the books and watched the movies countless times, i will forever be grateful to them for nearly 10 amazing years.
  • Music-Learning Guitar

    I started learning to play the guitar when i was about 10 years old. When i started learning i had to practice on was classical music, a kind that a 10 year old is hard to appreciate but i still practiced a lot. Throughout the years however I started learning songs that i was interested in on youtube , a habit that was much more resourseful than scrolling images on my phone. My guitar has been my companion on trips,parties or even in my alone-time and i am very thankful for that
  • Buying New York Times newspapers

    Back in '17 ,I decided that it was high time I was educated on every day matters and be informed about situations occurring all over the world. That s why i started buying the New York Times because in that way not only my English would improve but also my understanding of the world.I believe these newspapers impacted my writing style and helped me produce texts that would be of interest to the reader and not just a stereotypic read from a medium level student ,a useful skill for later in life.
  • Learning Python

    I've personally always been drawn into the process of working and being able to take care of myself and be independent. So the hobby for me was programming(Python is a programming language).This process of working on projects that can have on real life problems and simplifies people's way of life has shaped my life in the sense that now i feel somewhat mature and a part of the real world. This sense of creativity that programming gives me, makes and will make me content and happy in life.
  • Moving to Belgium-Coronavirus p.1

    The year 2020 was in one word a lifechanger. Due to the coronavirus we spent most of the previous year being homeschooled online, a really new and bizzare expirience for me. Up until May I thought that the next year would be the same as the previous one ,same school , same country.Turns out my school got shut down and my dad was transfered to Belgium so we moved too.
  • Moving to Belgium-Coronavirus p.2

    I believe that the situation we live in few people get to expierience and i think it is a testament to how people can adapt in a completely new environment, a very important skill for the workfield in the future. Especially this year i believe the word adjusting applies to most people since in a short period of time they way we operated daily changed and our social interactions changed. The human race is supposed to evolve and adapt, an attribute that i want to have in my life as well.