Family Timeline

Timeline created by heykeeng
  • Frankie & Benjamin Meet...Again

    My grandparents knew each other in Alabama. Unbeknownst to my grandma, my grandpa left there when she moved to Michigan. He found a way to run into her and asked her out on a date.
  • The Perrys

    My grandparents got married and became a blended family. Seven children from my grandmother's previous marriage and six from my grandpa.
  • Twins!

    My mother and her twin sister are born! Making them my grandpa's only daughters.
  • My Parents Meet

    My parents meet for the first time. Both of their churches were having picnics at the same park. My dad kissed my mom against tree. They were 13.
  • Twins...Again!

    My parents have my twin sister and I!
  • Parents Marry

    My parents waited a year after we were born to wed. We screamed and cried their entire wedding.
  • Texas

    My dad was in the army. We had to leave Michigan and relocate to Texas to stay on base. It was a hard time of infidelity and domestic violence to witness at a young age.
  • Divorce #1

    After a few years of a tense relationship my parents decided to divorce. We moved back to Michigan and my dad stayed on base.
  • Oklahoma

    After some years my mom felt led to move to Oklahoma and pursue an education in ministry. This is one of my happiest times as a child. My grandparents moved with us and we'd come home with them in the summers back to Michigan.
  • Parents Remarry

    After my dad left the military him and my mom decided to give marriage another shot. The infidelity and domestic violence resurfaced. This time a bit of child abuse, too.
  • Mommy Graduates!

    Mom graduated from Bible school which meant that our time in Oklahoma had come to an end.
  • Back to Michigan

    We moved back to Michigan and had re-acclimate. It was a tough battle with the toxicity in the house between my parents relationship.
  • Divorce #2

    After another round my mom kicked my dad out of the house. They never went back to each other again.
  • Mom Gets Married

    My mother met my stepdad at his brother's funeral. They dated for six months and got married. This began the second chapter in my life of witnessing domestic violence and infidelity. My stepdad said he had one child, but he really had four. This shifted my home life tremendously.
  • A Baby Is Born...And Passes

    My mom was pregnant and had my baby brother. He passed away the day he came home.
  • Grandpa Passes Away

    My grandfather passed away after having cancer for the second time. He slipped, fell, and the stint in his throat punctured his tumor. That ultimately killed him.
  • Move to Florida

    We move to Florida after twin and I graduate.
  • Stepdad Goes To Jail + Mom Is Pregnant

    Not long after mom discovers she's pregnant my stepdad gets locked up
  • Bu is Born!

    A happy baby girl is born and thrives. She's raised by a tribe of women i.e. my mom, grandma, my twin, and myself.
  • Twin Gets Married

    Twin falls in love, gets married, and relocates to Atlanta. It's an exciting and sad time. A lot of readjustment took place, especially for Bu who felt she lost a mom.
  • Divorce #3

    After waiting nearly eight years my mother divorces my stepdad.
  • Mom Gets Married...Again

    My mom falls in love and marries a widow. For the first time she has someone who makes sense to her life. He's also a great father to Bu.
  • I Get Married!

    I fall in love with music producer, we have a whirlwind love affair, and secretly get married.