F(x) Shadow Music Video Production Process

  • Start of Print Productions

    This is the time in which the print productions start, in this period of time I shall use my media lesson to get a few more ideas, and develop them, I may make some sketches of my ideas and scan them into my blog,
  • First Shooting

    I will be doing my first shooting in the college, using the photography studio I will take a picture of my model for the front cover (one of the members) wearing a masquerade mask and red lipstick.
  • Partial editing of front cover

  • Second Shooting

    This will be the time in which I shall be shooting for my back cover, I will be using the theatre location for this cover, in which the girls are dressed up as puppets/sat on the stage.
  • Third Shooting

    I will be doing my third shooting on this day, in which I take the photos for the inside covers of my album, which would be taken in the fair location, in which the girls are having fun with confetti.
  • Period: to

    Editing of Photos

  • Fourth and Last Print Productions Shooting

    This will be the shooting for the poster of my music video, currently I am not sure what the photo will consist of but I shall update this as soon as I am sure.
  • Period: to

    Continued editing of photos

  • Period: to

    Editing of Filming

  • Potential start of filming

    Even though it is before the starting time, I want to make full use of the time that I have beforehand, so I may try to start filming around this date, or just start to experiment. I will do the scene of the performance in which it starts off with,
  • Potential Filming

    I will be filming the narrative location here and start off one of the scenes with two people following the guy,
  • Filming

    Filming for the performance location in college, doing the dance.
  • Filming

    Will be filming the other scene with two people in in the narrative location.