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  • Mar 13, 1488

    Sails around Cape Of Good Hope

    Bartolomeo Diaz of Portugal sails around the Cape Of Good Hope.
  • Apr 25, 1491


    Jacque Cartier born in Saint Malo Brittany, France
  • Apr 25, 1492

    Coulumbus reaches West Indies

    Christopher columbus reaches the west indies.
  • Apr 25, 1497

    John Cabot finds New Land

    John cabot reaches Newfoundland and claims it for England.
  • Mar 9, 1498

    John Cabot goes Missing

    John Cabot sailed on his second voyage but is never seen again
  • Mar 13, 1498

    First time ever to sail from portugal to India

    Vasco Da Gama sails to India from Portugal.
  • Dec 25, 1501

    The Corte brothers Sight Labrador and Scotia

    The Corte brothers of Portugal sight Labrador and scotia.
  • Sep 5, 1534

    First Voyage for Cartier

    September 1534 First voyage of Jacques Cartier explores the gulf of Saint Lawrence,west of newfoundland.
  • May 13, 1535

    Reaches newfound land now known as Canada

  • Jul 13, 1536

    His returns

    Jacques Cartier returns from [canada].
  • Mar 13, 1541

    Leaves Again

    Third voyage of jacques cartier leaves a short lived french colony near stadacone.
  • Mar 13, 1557


    Died september 1,1557 lots of love. He is now favorited because he conquered canada that is why the speak french.
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    Mar 13, 1488
    Mar 13, 1557

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