Europeans Settle

  • Apr 1, 1524


    Verrazzano, sailing for France discovers New York Harbor.
  • Apr 1, 1554

    Jacques Cartier

    Frenchman Jacqes Cartier navigates the St. Lawrence River and names an island along the River Montreal.
  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hidson, exploring for the Netherlands, claims land that will become New Netherland.
  • Smallpox

    An empidemic of smallpox, brought by Europeans, kills many native Americans on teh New England coast.
  • Pilgrims

    Pilgrims from England found an English Colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • The Duke of York

    The DUke of York drives out the Dutch in New Netherland. The Duke of York claims the colony for England and renames it New York.
  • King Phillip

    King Phillip's war begins in Colonial villages of Massachusetts, between colonists and Native Americans.
  • British and French

    War between British and French, known as the French and Indian War. The war is fought over disputed land claims in the Ohio Valley.