European explorers

  • Jan 1, 1000

    Eirc's son sailed from Greenland.

    On the way he saw two pieces of land. Which could be Baffin Island and Labrador.
    He landed in Newfoundland.
  • Jan 1, 1008

    Thorfinn Karlsefni And 160 people Saied to Vinland.

    To make a settlement.
    And his time there, He and his wife had a son named Snorri.
    Snorri was the first european born in North America.
  • May 1, 1008

    The vikings meet some of the First Naton peoples.

    likely the Beothukand Inuit.
    The viking called them Skraelings.
    They were nice together at first then not well later.
    When the first nation people realized the vikings were staying.
    The viking were outnumber and were discourage the harsh
    climate. They left there settlement in North America.
  • Jan 1, 1451

    Christoher Columbs was born

    He was born in Genoa,Italy. He was a very educated map maker and mariner. He tried for years to get money together to prove his theory.
    which was that earth was round and that they could reach the far east by sailing west. The kings of Portugal, England,and France refused to fund.
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Christopher went to the monarchs of spain....

    He convinced them to fund his trip. Then He sailed from pain with three ships called the Santa Maria, the Nina, and the Pinta. He was one of the greatest mariners of his time. He knew how to navigat with the latitude. based on the North Star.
  • Feb 1, 1492

    Columbus found land....

    which truned out to be the bahamas.
    He sailed southeast of florida and arrived at a place called San Salvador and clamed it for King and Queen of spain. It was inhabited by the taino people.
    He thinks that he was at the east Indes. and that's why they called them Indians. he traded with them and took eight or ten taino people back to spain.
  • Apr 13, 1492

    Columbus was lokking for the Northwest passage.

    he took three more voyages to try and find it.
    Whlie looking for the passage he found land in the Caribbean and in south America. He sailed to cuba,Haiti,and dominican republic.
    He still thought that he found it the Indies, and returned several times to map th lands they have found. He had searched for the gold that believed to be prsent in the land they have explored.
  • Jan 1, 1497

    John Cabot made a journey to North America

    Giovanni Cabot from venice,Italy set out to search for the riches of the east. He didn't get support from Italy, but King Henry VII ( 7th) Granted him to claim land for England. Since he received authorizd from England he became John Cabot. He and his crew set sail on the 40-meter vessel the Matthew in 1497
  • Jan 13, 1497

    Cabots first voyage

    he sailed west for 52 days before finding land. It was believed that he had landed on Cape Breton Island Although he realizedhe had not arrived at the long-sought-for China. He had planted the flag of England for King Henry VII ( 7th)
  • Mar 14, 1497

    later on the same voyage John cabot....

    He sailed south then he had entered water temmin with codfish. he said "the sea in these parts holds great quantities of fish, which may be taken by the lowering of a weighted basket into the water." He called the place New Founde Land.
  • Apr 14, 1497

    returned to Bristol, England

    Cabot told the king and the merchants about the schools of fish.
    for centuries, ships made manny trips to New Founde Land for the codfish
  • Apr 14, 1498

    John Cabot sailed again to look for the Far East.

    He sailed south along Baffin Island,labrador, and Newfoundland.
    To find the eastern Civilization.
  • Jan 1, 1505

    Cloumbs was not viewed as the great explorer in the years leading up to his death.

    It was not proven that he had opened up to trade with the far east.
    He didn't find the Treasurs to bring back to spain and his settlements had many setbacks.
  • Jan 1, 1506

    Columbus died in spain

    He was credited that he was the man who "discovered" America. But there was no proof that columbus ever reached North America
  • Jan 1, 1534

    Jacques Cartier

    He was credited with the European discovery the entry to Canada-
    St. Lawrance River - and claming it's shores for the french crown.
  • Apr 14, 1534

    Jacques Cartier was commissiond by King Francis I ( 1st)

    to travel to North America to look for the for Spices,gold,dimonds, and the passage to the Far east.
  • Apr 14, 1534

    When they decide to go back to france...

    Cartier convinced two of Donnacona's son to take the voyage back with him. Cartier wanted to show them to the people of france.
  • Sep 14, 1534

    Cartier sailed from St.malo, France

    with a two ships with 61 men.
    he traveled through th Strait of Belle Isle, South along the west coast of Newfoundland,and aroung the Gulf of St.Lawrance.
  • Sep 14, 1534

    At gaspe ( now Quebec) Cartier made a huge ten meter cross

    It was writen that Donnacona ( the cheif of the iroquios tribe) says that cartier should have never done this. the kand belonged too the First Nation People. Whlie Cartier didn't understand that the people thinks that the land was theirs
  • Apr 14, 1535

    Cartier returned to north america

    With 3 ships and 110 men . He brought back Donnacona's sons.
    they went inland up the St,Lawrance River, as far as Stadacona
    ( present Qubec City) . And later he went fater inland to Hochelaga ( persent Montreal) He meet and band of Iroquois.
    They told Cartier that the river ran west and led to a lot of gold, silver, cooper,and spices.
    Lots of men died of scervy and those who survived returned to France. BRfore they left they kidnaooed Chief Dannacona.
    Dannacona died before he could go home
  • Oct 15, 1541

    Back in france, King Francis I (1st) sent a nobleman...

    Named Jean- Francois sa LA Roque de Roberval to bulid a French Colony in the territory Cartier had explored. Cartier decided to go back to France. roberval met up with himin Newfoundland,and had told him to stay in Canada. But Cartier left away at night and returned to france.
  • Apr 15, 1557

    Jacques Cartier died

  • King Herry VII ( 7th) was worried that no settlment was made in ..

    And that France would lose out on claming new land and getting it's riches.
    the king gave Aymar de Chaste a monopoly over fur trade in Canada. When Samuel de Champlain arrived on the St. Lawrence River he noticed a change. The Iroquois were not there, It was other frist nation people. so Samuel de Champlain and Aymar de Chaste spent the next year exploring the upper St.Lawance river. and traveled as far as the Lachine rapids.
    They returned to France and Aymar de Chaste died shortly after.
  • The king appointed Sieurde Monts with a monploy over

    the fur trade in Canada.
    And also challenged him to bulid a settlement.
    De Monts was required to bring 60 new settlers to canada every year for 10 years. Samuel de Champlain was captain of Sieur de Monts ship.
  • samuel and Sieur de Monts made a settlment in Acadia on

    St. croix Island.
    Then half the men died of Scurvy.
    After they moved to Port Royal where they made a successful French settlement
  • They two men made a french Settlment at Stadacona.

    It was a permanent fur trading post. After that the first nation people to them how to survive. Champlain still brought people over to canada.
  • Champlain still wanted to find the passage to China

    He belives that the St.Lawrance River to lead him to the Pacific, Under the watch of th Algonquin and huron allies. they travelled
    inland up to Richelieu River.
    HE didn't find the ocean but he found a lake that he named Lake Champlain.
  • Champlian was west of the Great lakes..

    he lost his Astrolabe. Champlain returned to the colony of New France and became governor. He brought his wife, Helen, to Quebec.
  • France made no attempts until now to make a settlement in Canada

    They still continued to look fo rthe passage to the richesof the East.
  • Samuel de Champlain died

    He was considered the firts governor of Canada. He was sometimes call " Fater of New France"
  • Samuel de Champlain astrolabe was found.

    It was found near Pembrike, Ontario by a farmer
  • Archaeologists uncovered proof...

    That the vikings made a settlement in L'Anse aux Meadows in northern Newfoundland.
    There was seven long houses,a steam bath, two cooking pots, and four boat sheds. the houses looked like the ones in Greenland.
  • No one know what happend to John Cabot

    People belive that the ships he took got lost at sea in his 2nd voyage. Other people belive that his returned to England and died the follwing year. He was important, He gave England a claim to north Americaand started a cod industry
  • Viking made a settlement in Iceland

    And was banned from Iceland . And sailed to Greenland to make a settlement.
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