Euro Lit

  • Joined the Volleyball Team

    To meet new people and also for my love of volleyball i joined the team.
  • Started a Club

    Me and my friends decided to start a club and it turned out to be very successful suprisingly.
  • Broke my Leg

    I was in Tahoe with my family, and i broke my leg while i was skiing.
  • Visited Germany

    It was my first time visiting Germany, to see my grandma and my aunt.
  • Transferred To a Private School

    This was sophmore year and my parents decided to move me to the private school across the street from my old school.
  • Got my dog

    This was my first dog and my parents suprised me with it on thanksgiving.
  • Dislocated my Knee

    This year i dislocated my knee while snowboarding, it was by far the most painful thing i have ever gone through physically.
  • Grandmother Passed away

    i was really close to my grandmother, so when she passed away i was really devasted and went through a small depression.
  • Drake Concert

  • Cruise to Mexico

    This was my first time going on a cruise and it was a very interesting experience.
  • Vegas

    Over the summer my family and I all went to Vegas
  • Moved to San Jose

  • Sweet Sixteen

    my parents and friends through me a suprise birthday party in both LA and San jose
  • Tahoe trip

    Our annual Tahoe trip over Winter Break
  • Trip to Seattle

    A random trip with family
  • Got my License

    a couple days after my birthday i got my license
  • Senior Homecoming rally

  • Halloween

    a kickback
  • Annual Tahoe trip

    a winter break tradition
  • New Year

  • San Fransisco Trip

    A trip to sf with all my girls.
  • Random concert

    me and my cousins got free tickets to a random concert
  • St. Patricks Day

    Hungout with a bunch of friends. it was a good time
  • Persian New Year

    this year we had a huge party with 200 friends and family to celebrate the new year
  • Government Final

  • Getting accepted into College

  • Trip to LA

  • Last Senior Rally

  • Prom 2013