Enlightenment Timeline

  • Montesquieu publishes book, On the Spirit of Laws

    In the Spirit of Laws is a book on political theory published by Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu in 1748. Originally published anonymously partly because Montesquieu's works were subject to censorship, its influence outside of France was aided by its rapid translation into other languages.
  • America declares independance

    The Americans have had enough of British taxing without representation and they write the Declaration of Independance.
  • French Revolution

    The French are tired of the tyranny from a king who doesn't care about the people and they want to make thier own decisions in governement.
  • Napoleon overthrows the Directory through a coup d'etat

    Napoleon proves himself as a great military leader to the french people and stages a coup d'etat, installing himself as First Consul
  • Napoleon crowns himself emperor, begins to create a vast European Empire

    Napoleon slowly makes the other consuls less powerful and eventually makes himself the Emporer of France, drivin by his own ambition, he raises France to great hights
  • Haiti wins freedom from France

    The slaves in Haiti greatly outnumber their French owners, and succesfully stage a revolt, gaining control of that part of Hispanoila
  • Padre Hidalgo calls for Mexican Independence

    Padre Hidalgo rings the church bell at 12 in the afternoon, gathering all the people in his town together and they go across Mexico gathering more people to help them revolt but eventually get massacred
  • Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo

    Napoleon escapes from exile and returns to his place as ruler of France but is defeated at waterloo because he waited for the ground to harden so that his calvary could go through, allowing reinforcements to come and beat him