Enlightenment Timeline

  • Montesquieu publishes book, On the Spirit of Laws

    Montesquieu wrote this book and it explained his ideas on the seperation of powers in modern government at the time. He thought Britain had the greatest government because each section of the government could override another sections authority.This was called the seperation of powers.
  • America declares independence

    Thomas Jefferson, the author writes the Declaration of Independence and address it to the people of modern America and Britain mainland. In the preamble, he states all men are created equal and then goes on to explain the colonists have a right to overthrow the British authority because they aren't doing their job. He states all the kings's failures and problems like taxes to pay off for their own war when the colonists had nothing to do with it.
  • French Revolution

    The French were inspired by the Enlightenment thinking appearing throughout Britain and also by the British colonies declaring themselves a new country. It all started when the poor estate of France couldn't get bread from the government. Being the only source of food at the time in France for poor people, bread was imperative. Philosophes met in salons to discuss a better government. Eventually, the 3rd estate rebelled and made themselves equal to everyone else. However, Napoleon took over.
  • Napoleon overthrows the Directory through a coup d’etat

    Napoleon seized power when the time was right. The government was weak and had no real leader. Napoleon saw an opportunity and conducted a plebisite but he was already in favor of everyone from his military victories so became leader.
  • Napoleon crowns himself emperor, begins to create a vast European Empir

    Napoleon was a magnificient ruler that won many battles. The French people liked him, so they made him a console. After saying he needed more power to protect the French, they promoted him to the first console. He eventually convinced them to make him emperor because he could then eliminate the Jacobins. He was overal a great leader.
  • Haiti wins freedom from France

    Toussaint l'overture is the start of the Haitian revolution. He doesn't succeedin gaining Independence because he gets captured.Jean-Jacques Dessalines completes the independence for Haiti. He leads the slaves to win independence.
  • Padre Hidalgo calls for Mexican Independence

    Padre rings the bell of a church to gather peasants from Dolores. He knew about the ideas of Enlightenment and sought for independence. He gathers 60,000 people to march into Mexican city but dies.
  • Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo

    Napoleon fights the British and Prussians and looses for one main reason. Napoleons empire was mainly cavalry and and happened to be raining that day. Napoleon waited it out for the ground to dry so he could use his horses. This gaver the prussians time to assemble and they won the battle against the french.