Education and Career path

By ewspahn
  • Period: to

    Associates Degree in Micorocomputer support Technology

    Completion of Associates degree.
  • Period: to

    Entry level

    Start entry level posistion as a Linux/Unix admin, and work towards creating a network of professional contacts to help improve my career, and technical skills.
  • Period: to

    Bachelor's Degree

    Start and Complete Bachelor's degree program at University Wisconsin Stout.
  • Period: to

    Career Advancement

    During this time frame I will have completed my Bachelor's degree in I.T.T. management. I will have moved from an entry level position to a more advanced position. I will have complete my top 3 certifications which are: Redhat, CCNA, and VMware. I will also be starting to shift my career from Linux Unix administration to storage engineering and administrations (SAN, NAS, and local).