Edict of Nantes

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  • 1455

    Gutenberg Bible

    Johann Gutenberg, creator of the moveable type printing press,created what is considered the first book printed, the Gutenberg bible which is the latin language and was printed in Mainz, Germany
  • 1508

    Michelangelo starts working on the Sistine Chapel

    pope julius II hired Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the chapel,the sequence begins with creation, above the altar,and progresses toward the enterence side of the chapel
  • 1517

    95 Thesis

    a document written by martin Luther aganist the Catholic Church challenging the teachings on the nature of penance , the authority of the pope and indulgences
  • Soanish Armada

    the Spanish Aramada was defeated off the coast of Gravelines, France, by the english naval force under the command of Lord Charles Howard and Sir Francis Drake
  • Edict of Nantes

    signed by King Henry IV of France, granted the calvinist Protestants substantial rights in the nation,was still considered catholic at the time.