Drew Meyers Psych229 Timeline

  • Born

    I Drew Christian Meyers was born in Southfield, MI. at 10 a.m. on Dec. 11, 1990 to Darryl Meyers (Father) and Cindy Meyers (Mother). I weighed 10lbs 1.4 oz.
  • First Word COGNITIVE (First Two Years)

    I spoke my first word on Oct. 8, 1991. This word was "Papa", which was the name I called my Father during my childhood.
  • First Steps BIOSOCIAL (First Two Years)

    On Oct. 20, 1991 I took my first steps. I walked from the floor where I was playing to our couch where my Mother was sitting. This was about two feet or so.
  • Birth of Derek PSYCHOSOCIAL (First Two Years)

    On Feb. 12, 1992 my bestfriend Derek was born in Ann Arbor, MI. Our parents are bestfriends and I was actually at the hospital for his birth. Even though I cannot remember this event I know it was very important to my life. We grew up doing everything together, and to this day we are still bestfriends and hangout a few times or more a week.
  • First Play-Date PSYCHOSOCIAL (Early Childhood)

    On my third birthday my parents had my first birthday party where friends were invited. We went to Kids Kingdom and rented ball pit room, and all of the kids were able to play and interact with eachother. Since my parents invited most of their friend's children (some who I hadn't met) I had the chance to meet new playmates and play and have fun.
  • First Time Skating COGNITIVE (Early Childhood)

    On Jan. 1, 1994 my Dad took me to Grand Oaks Ice Arena in Howell, MI to skate for my first time. From what I was told it took me about 45 minutes of practice to be able to stand up and skate on my own using a chair to balance. This was very quick for someone that young. This was a Cognitive event because my Dad taught me how to skate.
  • Learned To Tie My Shoes BIOSOCIAL (Early Childhood)

    The day after the Fourth of July 1994 I learned how to tie my shoes after a full day of practice. My Uncle was in town for the holiday and showed me a different "bunny loop" technique that helped me figure it out. The one new technique, made it possible for my brain to have a break-through.
  • First School Project COGNITIVE (Middle Childhood)

    In October of 1997 I was assigned my first school project. It wasn't anything that hard, but it was important in memory development. I had to make a poster about killer whales and show it to the class. I recieved full credit, and learned to store facts in my memory for the presentation.
  • My First Travel Hockey Team BIOSOCIAL (Middle Childhood)

    In August of 1998 I mad my first Travel Hockey Team. I had played organized hockey since I was 4, but this was the first team I ever tried out for and made. When I made this team I started playing 4 times a week, and this set me up to be extremely healthy throughout my life due to all the exercise.
  • First Allowance PSYCHOSOCIAL (Middle Childhood)

    At the beginning of the school year in 1999 my parents decieded to give me my first allowance of ten dollars a week. I was required to clean my room, the bathrooms, and dust the house. If I did these chores I would recieve my allowance. This responsability showed my psychosocial maturation.
  • My Confirmation ADOLESCENCE (Cognitive)

    On this date I had my confirmation ceremony at my church. This was a very important cognitive event in my life, because I confirmed my 100% faith in Jesus as my Lord and savior which is a cognitive event because it has to do with my way of thinking.
  • First Time Shaving My Face BIOSOCIAL (Adolescence)

    Before 10th grade started I had grown enough "scraggly" facial hair that I needed to start fully shaving my face. This was a part of puberty, because I had physically started growing facial hair.
  • First Relationship PSYCHOSOCIAL (Adolescence)

    On this very important day I started my first relationship. I started dating my girlfriend Katie who I am still dating today. This was a very important emotional event in my life.
  • Started Full-Time College COGNITIVE (Emerging Adulthood)

    After graduating from high school in the spring of 2009, I started full-time classes at Schoolcraft College in the fall of 2009. I began my journey into higher education where more cognitive thinking takes place. I am still at Schoolcraft today, and am planning transfer with my macrostamp after next fall.
  • Started Full Time Weight Training BIOSOCIAL (Emerging Adulthood)

    After I aged out of Junior A hockey, I had to find another way to stay healthy. I began a full time weight training program that I continue to do today. I workout 5 days a week to stay healthy now that I am not playing hockey as much, and to also build a healthy lifestyle for my future.
  • Started First Serious Job PSYCHOSOCIAL (Emerging Adulthood)

    In September of 2011 I began working at my current empolyer H.H. Barnum Company. This company is a distributor of automotive assembly line parts. I began working my warehouse staff position and have expirenced many social break-throughs. At this job I have made many of my new emerging adulthood friends that I spend a lot of my time with. Creating new friendships is a very important part of emerging adulthood psychosocial development.
  • Graduated Nursing School COGNITIVE (Adulthood)

    In May of 2017 I graduated my nursing program at Eastern Michigan University. This helped set in motion the building blocks for my entire career in the health care field.
  • Married PSYCHOSOCIAL (Adulthood)

    Married my high school girlfriend Katie in June of 2018. This was a important psychosocial development, because we began our adulthood lifelong relationship.
  • Began Wearing Glasses BIOSOCIAL (Adulthood)

    As I began to age my eye sight began to slightyly fade. Due to this I had to begin wearing glasses full time. This was a important biosocial development in my adult life.
  • Birth of First Grandchild PSYCHOSOCIAL (Late Adultohood)

    On the Fourth of July 2055 my first grandchild was born. A healthy baby girl named Annabelle. This was a very important emotional event in my life.
  • Started Doing Crossword Puzzles COGNITIVE (Late Adulthood)

    When I turned 70 I began to do crossword puzzles after being told by my doctor using your brain to do difficult processes could help keep dementia from forming. This is important because dementia affects your cognitive thinking.
  • Began Using A Hearing Aid BIOSOCIAL (Late Adulthood)

    When I was 75 I began to use a hearing aid due to a loss of hearing. This was a important biosocial event due to the physical change in my hearing.
  • Death Of My Brother PSYCHOSOCIAL (Epilogue)

    In May of 2079 my brother passed away. This was a very emotional event to me, because it was the loss of my only brother. I was never quite the same after his death.
  • Began Using Visiting Nurse BIOSOCIAL (Epilogue)

    My health began to get a little questionable, so I my family began to send a visiting nurse to my house. This is an important pysical change in a persons life when their health begins to fail.
  • Accepting That I Was Going To Die COGNITIVE (Epilogue)

    I came to acceptance that my fate of death was begining to near. This is an important cognitive event, because it takes a lot of thinking to accept that you are going to die.
  • My Death

    On Dec. 1, 2081 I passed away at my farm house in Iowa. I was 10 days shy of my 91st birthday.