Diana's Timeline

  • The day an angel was born, Diana

    This was the day my parents was so blessed to have me. I was 6ibs.9oz. I was born at Hutzel hospital.
  • My first two years-Biosocial

    I took my first steps at 10 months
  • My first two years-Psychosocial

    I would always cry when my mother took me to the babysitter and would always run to her when she comes back.
  • My first two years-Cognitve

    I spoke my first words "dada"
  • Early Childhood-Biosocial

    I learned to ride a bike with training wheels
  • Early chhildhood- Biosocial

    I liked to dress myself in pretty cloths, mainly dresses and love having a purse or some type of bag
  • Early Childhood-Cognitive

    I started kindergarden
  • Early Childhood- Psychosocial

    I loved playing with my new friends at school and going out to play.
  • Middle childhood-Biosocial

    This was the day of my first musical concert, I played the flute. I was in the 3rd grade and I can remember being so scared because I was seated in the front row. My parents was there to see me. I remember my mom having this big smile on her face.
  • Middle childhood-Psychosocial

    This was the day I became a big sister. I was no longer the baby or the youngest in the family. When my brother arrived I felt like I always wanted to take care of him.
  • Middle Childhood-Cognitve

    I won 5th grade spelling bee.
  • Adolescence-Biosocial

    Started my menses, summer before I started middle school
  • Adolecence-Cognitive

    First day of middle school, I felt like a for real teenager
  • Adolesence-Biosocial

    I was on the cheerleader team as well as played volleyball
  • Adolescence-Psychosocial

    I found I guy that I really like, he was in 8th grade. We ate lunch together sometimes. I played sports and he played sports as well
  • Adolesence-Cognitve

    Freshmen school year completed in high school, I was an honors student
  • Adolesence-Biosocial

    Started my first job at Tubby's Submarines
  • Adolesence-biosocial

    I recieved the MVP award in volleyball in high school. I was a junior at the time. Very excited.
  • Adolesence-Psychosocial

    I had my first sexual experience with my boyfriend since six grade. I was a senior in highschool.
  • Adolesence- Psycosocial

    I found out I was pregnant
  • Emerging Adult-Cognitive

    I graduated from high school. Mom and dad was so proud that I accomplished that.
  • Emerging Adulthood-Biosocial

    I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I named him Kenneth.
  • Emerging Adult-Biosocial

    My son's dad and I moved into our own place. I was excited.
  • Emerging Adult-Psychosocial

    My son's first birthday party.
  • Emerging Adult-Cognitive

    I started nursing school as planned. I had so much support from my parents.
  • Emerging Adult-Cognitve

    I graduated from nursing school as a Licensed Nurse.
  • Adulthood-Biosocial

    I started my first job as a Licensed Nurse.
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    I broke up with my long time boyfriend and my son's father
  • Adulthood-Biosocial

    I started smoking cigarettes
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    I met a very nice guy
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    My son's father passed.
  • Adulthood-Biosocial

    I started gaining weight, so I started back working out and watching my eating habits.
  • Adulthood-Cognitive

    I recieved a promotion on my job as a Nurse Manager.
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    I got married. I was so happy
  • Adulthood-Biosocial

    I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I named her after her great grandmother on her dad side. Her name is Dollar Diamond.
  • Adult-Psychosocial

    My husband and I got a divorce
  • Adulthood-Psychocial

    I start dating a guy I went to school with from Kindergaten to 12th grade.
  • Adulthood-Biosocial

    I had to have an emergency surgery.
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    I got remarried to a fabulous guy. I didn't realize it was the same day of my first marriage.
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    My son graduated from high school. I was so proud of him.
  • Adulthood-Cognitve

    I went back to college, taking one class a semester towards my RN's
  • Adulthood-Biosocial

    I lost a total of 30lbs. I continue to work out and watch my eating habits. I felt great. I started to notice a few gray hairs
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    My husband gave me a wonderful 40th birthday party. It was amazing, I have a great time.
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    My daughter graduated from high school.
  • Adulthood-Cognitive

    Continue to go to college, pursueing my degree in nursing
  • Death and Dying-Cognitive

    I would have made a living will, designated a health care proxy and tied up loose ends. I would have accepted death and would have been satisfied with my life. I would have made my funeral arrangement, found a spot for burial and expenses would have been paid.
  • Death and Dying-Psychosocial

    I would have discussed death and dying with my hisband, children and family and let them know that dying is not a bad thing but hope, that we will meet again.
  • Death and Dying-Biosocial

    My calculated age to live was 101 years old. I know it will be a good quick death, for I have taken care of myself mentally and physically. I kept busy to the end.