• Birth

    Following 9 months of normal prenatal care, I was born!!
  • Period: to


  • Started to bable

    3 months old (cognitive)
  • Started Siting up alone

    4 months old
  • Cognitive

    6 months to 1 year starting to understand that certain actions lead to specific results.
  • 7 months old started crawling

  • 1st birthday

    Started walking around 10 months and 1 yr. By this time my weight has no tripled (cognitive)
  • Period: to

    Eary Childhood ( play yeas)

    Primary relationship is with parents. (socail development)
  • Started Preschool

    3 yrs old started 1st yr of preschool (cognitive)
  • Period: to

    School Age ( middle childhood)

    Socail development is now more towards peers.
  • Started 2nd yr of preschool

  • Started Kindergarten

    1st year at a private school
  • Fine Motor Skills Improved

    Began writing my name (Biosocial)
  • Biosocial Gross Motor Improves

    Between the age 2-6 gross motor skills began to improve. Age 4-6 I did gymnastics every year. This is also the time refered to as "play years" (psychosocial)
  • Started 4th grade

    In 4th garde I transfered from a private school to a public one. It was a big change for me and I remember being very nervous, to meet new friends.
  • Started Middle School

    Started Middle School... during this time I joined the swim team and hit puberty. During this team I developed allot of my self esteem and self complex. (psychosocial)
  • Death of my Grandmother

    Psychosicial Impact
  • Puberty

    Adolesence begins , physical development.
  • Started Highschool

  • Started my first job

  • Graduated High School

  • Emerging Adulthood

  • Started at Madonna University

    This time was a very proud moment in my life for me. Highschool was a bit rocky for me and getting to go to Madonna was a huge acomplishment. ( psychosocial)
  • Son was born

  • Young Adulthood begins

  • Moved into my first house

  • Period: to

    Young Adulthood

    Prime of physical development. Judgments sometimes over rided by impluse and feelings. Due to physical and biological changing climate within body.
  • First Born starts Kindergarten

  • Graduate College with a bachelor's degree in Social Work

    Young Adulthood
  • Mid Adulthood begins

  • 1st born Starts Middle School

  • First Born Starts Highschool

  • 40 YEARS OLD!

    Starting to see the effect of aging
  • First Born Graduates High School

  • Period: to

    Middle Adulthood

    Concrect and logical thinking
  • Grandchildren

  • By a vacation home

  • Retire

  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

    Physical development starts to deteriorate. Menopause happens. Slowing of brain function.
  • Dying