Developmental Psychology

Timeline created by omarmojica
  • I was born

  • infancy: Emotional Development

    according to my parents I was a very content baby compared to my siblings since I didn't cry as much as they did as an infant.
  • Infancy: Physical Development

    The type of motor skills I used as an infant were me crawling around in the living room and learning to walk in a baby walker.
  • Infancy: Physical Development

    began to walk. my parents would put a towel or blanket around my under my arms and help me walk around the house.
  • Infancy Cognitive Development

    my favorite toy as a child was this backpack type thing which was blues clues. I used to carry it everywhere with me and since it was a backpack I would put a ton of hot wheels in it and carry them around.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    one way my mom helped in my language acquisition was she would sit there and make me read and write in front of her or give me a chapter throughout the day to read and then we would talk about it.
  • Early childhood: Physical Development

    As a child we used to live beside all my cousins so every afternoon my cousins and I would go outside and run around and play tag and what not. That was the exercise I would get in my early childhood stage
  • Early Childhood: Emotional Development

    My family/friend/teachers described my emotional temperament/development as being a closed up type of person
  • Early Childhood: Emotional Development

    I was securely attached to my mom since my dad spent most of his time at work which seemed more of a single household when it came to raising my siblings and I
  • Early Childhood: Physical Development

    My motor skills at early childhood I was able to run and climb by this time and if I remember right around this time I was also learning how to ride a bicycle.
  • Late Childhood: Physical Development

    Late Childhood: Physical Development
    I tended to get exercise daily since as I child I was always involved in sports such as: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and Football. At that moment my feelings toward physical activity were positive I enjoyed going and playing with the other kids sports.
  • Late Childhood: Physical Development

    motor skills I had by this point were pretty much still the same ones I had in early childhood with the difference that I had mastered them a lot better
  • Adolescence: Physical Development

    I feel like I entered puberty around the same time majority of my peers did which was in middle school. So therefore it didn't affect me in any unusual way.
  • Adolescence: Emotional Development

    one story that demonstrates at least one concept related to Piaget's stages of cognitive development is when I was working with my dad remodeling the inside of this house we had just bought we were putting in tile and he had let me to start off and get the measurements and start putting in the ceramic tile on my own for him to see that I was capable of doing so.
  • Adolesence: Physical Development

    Adolesence: Physical Development
    as an adolescent I often get my exercise when I go play ultimate Frisbee especially now since I am in college and my time is kind of tight so going to run and play helps me relieve stress and keeps me healthy much more than it just being at a physical level
  • Adolescence: Emotional Development

    the attachment style I have with my girlfriend is pretty simple as to say its very calm and understanding in that we both know that we are in school and are trying to better ourselves.