Kate diesel

Developmental Psychology

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development and Birth

    In my Mommys womb
  • Conception

    This is a general idea of when I was conceived.
  • Period: to

    Germinal Period

    Two week time period also known as the first 14 days where; the zygote or fertilized egg rapidally divides and moves down the fallopian tube. Implants into the uterine wall. rapid Cell divison occurs during this time along with a Blastocyst divides into 3 layers;
  • Birth

    Kathryn Ann Darnell
    I was born at 8:31 pm
    Weighing only 4lbs 5 ounces
    I was 24 inches....
  • Period: to

    The First Two Years

  • 1st Bday

    1st Bday
    Katie's First Birthday
  • Katies 2nd Birthday

    Katies 2nd Birthday
    Katie's 2nd Birthday
  • Biosocial The first 2 years

    I was very small for my age and I was born late, at my first birthday I weighed only 15 pounds, but was very long.
    I was not a good sleeper, which holds true today, I avergaed in those first two years about 10-12 hours of sleep.
  • Psychosocial The First 2 years

    I smiled and laughed around 4 months.
    I threw my first tantrum at 7 months
    I got embaraased when I was yelled at in front of my family around 23 months.
  • Cognitive The First Two years

    I was sucking on things around a month old
    I rolled over around 7 months
    I was potty trained or started on it about 22 months.
  • Kati's 3rd Birthday

    Kati's 3rd Birthday
    Katie's 3rd Birthday
  • Katie's 4th Birthday

    Katie's 4th Birthday
    Katie's 4th Birthday