Development of conflict in the Middle East

  • Balfour Decleration

    Balfour Decleration
    The Balfour Decleration is a letter from Arthur James Balfour to Lord Rothschild that made the british support of a jewish homeland in Palestine public.
  • The Holocaust

    The Holocaust
    big event where Adolf Hitler imprisoned Jews and useless people to society. They were put into concentration camps and millions were murdered.
  • Mass Migration

    Mass Migration
    Over 500,000 jews were migrated to Palestine in 1938. Modern technology as well as cities were brought to the area.
  • Israel Palestine Conflict

    A large Struggle between the Palestinians and Israelis. This conflict still continues to this day
  • Arab Israel War

    During the holiday of Yom Kippur, Egypt launched a surprise attack on Israel. Israel quickly mobilized troops and fended off the invasion.
  • Israel Becoming a State

    The Jewish Agency Chairman, David Ben-Gutian, proclaimed the state of Israel in Tel Aviv. This established the first jewish state in 2000 years.
  • Six-Day War

    Six-Day War
    A war initiated by General Moshe Dayon. General Moshe is the Israeli's defense minister.
  • Oil Embargo

    The OPEC used the power of oil to increase profits significantly. They also cut off exports to the U.S. in order to gain support towards the Arabian countries.
  • Intifadah

    A rebelious uprising was started by Palestinians against Israel's opposers. This caused even more tension between Jews and Arabs living in Israel.
  • The Arab Spring

    The Arab Spring
    A series of Anti-Governmental protests, uprisings, and armed rebelions. These all spread across the Middle East.