Deployment and Critical Decision Points

  • Enrolled Into College

    Studying Information Technology at Century College
  • Course Work for College

    Taking Intro to Information & Telecommunications Technology and CCNA-1
  • CDL HazMat & Tanker Renewal

    Time to renew the Hazardous Materials and Tanker Endorsement on my Commercial Drivers License. I will retain these just in case my Information Technology Career does not take off.
  • Course Work for College

    CCNA-2&3 Fast Track, Math 0010, English 0080
  • College Course Work

    Summer Session:
    ITT 2032(CCNA-4)
  • College Course Work

    ITT 2036 (Network Attached Storage)
    ITT 2038 (Storage Area Network Management)
    ITT 2042 (CCNP-1)
    ITT 2051 (Enterprise Computing Virtualization)
    ITT 2780 (Internship)
  • College Coursework

    ENG 1021 (English Composition)
    ITT 2020 (Network Security Fundementals)
    ITT 2025 (Firewalls and Network Security)
    ITT 2075 (Wireless Network Security)
  • Graduate From College

    Graduate and recieve a two year Associates Degree/Applied Science in Information Technology with an emphasis on Security and Storage Area Networking.
  • US Army Civilian Employee

    Network Operations/Storage Area Network Technician for the United States Army.
  • Enroll into Metro State University

    Area of Study: Industrial Management
  • Coursework/US Army Employee

    Continue my 4 year degree at Metro State University while working for the U.S. Army. Also take recertification tests for Cisco Systems.
  • Purchase Land/Home

    I decided I would like to Purchase some land. Build a modest home with a heated garage with a very nice shop within. Maybe dedicate a room specifically dedicated to Network Systems.
  • CDL Hazmat & Tanker Endorsment Renewal

    Time for the Hazmat & Tanker Endorsement Renewal for my Commercial Drivers License.
  • Metro State University Graduation

    Graduate from Metro State University with a B.A.S. in Industrial Management. Continue working for the U.S. Army and hopeful to be an Intern at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Information Technology Project Manager

    IT Project Manager for the U.S. Army and a Storage Area Network Manager for the FBI. Cisco Recertifications.
  • Relocate to Florida

    Accept an Information technology position within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Focused on LAN/WAN Networks.
  • CDL Hazmat & Tanker Endorsement Renewal

    Renewal for Hazmat & Tanker Endorsement for my CDL
  • Employed at NASA

    Moving up in the company, Hopeful to be a Computer Information Systems Engineer, And Data Storage (SANS) Manager.
  • Employed at NASA

    Continue SANS Administration and pursue a career within the organization as a Information Security Systems Implementer. Work on newer Cisco Certifications.
  • NASA IT Project Coordinator

    Continue my employment with NASA and have a title as an Information Technology Project Coordinator and Systems Implementation.
  • Retirement!

    I'm hoping to Retire from NASA after working a very successful career as an Information Technology Professional. I will have built up a very nice retirement fund, Built a retirement home in a very warm place in Florida, And hopeful to continue a loving relationship with my Wife.