By BP3041'
  • acheviments before hand

    acheviments before hand
    i plan on working in my dads shop and at sally's steakhouse untill i go to colllege and i plan on getting another job if i can get one.
    i plan on being able to be able to be able to work on my own vehicles and cook my own food by then.
  • Graduation

    I plan on graduating on May 15th 2015 because that will be the end of my senoir year, on estimate. i plan on having a 3.6 GPA at least by then.
  • summer

    that first summer after i graduate college i plan on earning about 10,000 dollars to help out with college. i will do anything for money so it won't be all that hard.
  • graduate college

    graduate college
    since you have to get a doctoral degree i have to go to college for 12 years so a long long time. i plan on graduating in 2027.
  • college

    For college i'm hoping on going over to SDSU for my job but i don't know if they have what i need but if they do that where i would go. if not i plan on going to a college over in wisconsin, or if possible the college in madison so im close to home.
  • Work

    i plan on having my first job by july of 2027. i would love to work in south dakota perferably in souix falls. if they are not hireing tho i will have to try and find a job in texas, montana or wisconsin.
    i plan to have a starting salary of about 60,000 a year and 120,000 by the time im 60.
  • retirement

    i plan to retire by the time im 60 so becasue by then ill be way to old to be a dentist and i wouldn't want to work their any more. i plan to have over 2 million dollars to live off of at the least 5 million at the most.