David Ben-Gurion

  • Birth

  • Moved to Israel

    At that time it was still called Palestine.
  • Poale Zion

    David created his own Zionist group called "Workers of Israel".
  • WW1

    David got recruited for the Ottoman army and he fled the middle east to NYC.
  • Balfour Decleration

    David left NYC with his wife and joined the war against the ottomans to make Israel its own state.
  • Mapai

    David founded the Socialist Zionist Political Party called Mapai.
  • Conference

    David called for an emergency conference in NYC about the creation of Israel as a state.
  • Period: to

    Prime Minister

    David Ben-Gurion was the first prime minister of Israel. He took a break from 1953-1955.
  • Sinai

    In a secret trip to France, David ordered the Israeli Defence Force to take over the Sinai Peninsula.
  • Death