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  • Napoleon Bonaparte is exiled

    Napoleon Bonaparte is exiled
    After his offering to step down as a military leader was rejected Napoleon was exiled to the remote South Pacific island of St. Helena. There he was held captive and heavily guarded as a British Prisoner.
  • Louis XVIII Takes Power

    Louis XVIII Takes Power
    After Napoleon's expulsion Louis XVIII, brother of Louis XVI becomes King of France.
  • The First Restoration

    The First Restoration
    Marked the beginning of the return of the Bourbon dynasty. Was largely supported by Talleyrand, Napoleon's former foreign minister. Convinced Allied Powers of the need for a Bourbon restoration.
  • Napoleon returns to Paris

    Napoleon returns to Paris
    Napoleon Bonaparte snuck past his island guards, an interception by a British ship, and returned to Paris where people and troops celebrated the return of their Emperor.
  • Hundred Days

    Hundred Days
    Before Napoleon's return, he was declared an outlaw by the Congress of Vienna and the Four Great Powers and the Seventh Coalition put 150,000 men together to end his rule. This would eventually lead to the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo where he was then captured and permanently exiled back to St. Helena.
  • The Second Restoration

    The Second Restoration
    Louis XVIII returns to Paris after the expulsion of Napoleon. Talleyrand and Fouche-(Napoleon's minister of police) ignite a Second Restoration. Sparked the Second White Terror, where supporters of the monarchy killed somewhere between 200-300 supporters of Napoleon and forced thousands to flee Paris. The culprits were a group known as the Verdets, consisting of ultraroyalists.
  • Charles X Takes Power

    Charles X Takes Power
    Charles X leader of the ultra-loyalist faction sought out to give more power to the Ultras. After the Revolution, France was sent into a Christian revival and due to the ultraroyalists newfound power was stopped almost immediately by raising the status of the Roman Catholic Church once again.
  • The Fall of The Restoration

    The Fall of The Restoration
    In 1827, France faced a series of economic, industrial, and agricultural downturns that led to increased taxes, raised prices of products, and food shortages. During this timeframe, the Liberal population of France became increasingly dissatisfied with policies set forth by Martignac and ultraroyalist Polignac seeking to protect the limited protections of the Charter of 1814.
  • The Four Ordinances

    The Four Ordinances were decrees that were set to alter the Charter of 1814. They stated the...
    1. Dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies
    2. Restriction of the Press Laws
    3. Restriction of the franchise to only the wealthiest within France
    4. Immediate new elections based upon the new electorate
  • July Revolution

    July Revolution
    The time period where Charles X was overthrown and replaced by King Louis-Philippe, and the rising of the bourgeoisie against the absolute monarchy of the Bourbons. France moved from one constitutional monarchy, the Bourbon Restoration, to another, the July Monarchy.
  • Louis-Philippe and the House of Orléans

    Louis-Philippe and the House of Orléans
    King Louis-Philippe used the July Revolution to ascend in power and ruled as "King of the French." The Second Republic was formed with the election of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte as President. In the French coup of 1851, Napoleon declared himself Emperor Napoleon III of the Second Empire.