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    sixthteen to nineteen century was a dynasty
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    Industrial Revolution

  • 1750, Britian Emerges as a industrial power

    1750, Britian Emerges as a industrial power
    During the Early Industrial revolution, Britian stood alone as the world's industrial giant.
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    he British Controlled portions of India in the Years1757 to 1947
  • Matthew C. Perry

    Matthew C. Perry
    in 1854 he presented japanese with letter calling for Japan to grant trading rights to Americans (treaty of Kanagawa)
  • Sepoy Mutney

    Sepoy Mutney
    Rebellion of Hindu and Muslim soldiers against the British in india
  • British East India Company

    British East India Company
    ruled a private trade was a part of colonial Britian
  • berlin conference

    berlin conference
    A conference of 14 europeans nations in1884 - 1885 in berlin germany to establish rules of political control of africa.
  • sino-Japanese War

    sino-Japanese War
    1894 to 1895 war between Japan and China over Japan imperialist ambitions: Japan defeated China
  • 1905 Russo - Japanese War

    1905 Russo - Japanese War