Conflict in Israel

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  • Jewish Leaders of Israel Declare Independence

    Jewish Leaders of Israel Declare Independence
    After Britain handed over Palestine over to the UN to decide what to do with it since Jewish leaders in Palestine were pressuring them to create a Jewish state, the UN divided Palestine, even with the Arabs objections. Jewish leaders declared independence for Israel after it was granted to them.
  • The First Arab-Israeli War

    The First Arab-Israeli War
    Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, and Iraq, all Arab countries, invaded Israel soon after they declared independence. The Arab's were defeated leaving 700,000 Palestinian Arabs as refuges.
  • Six-Day War

    Six-Day War
    Leaders of Israel believed that Egypt would attack them when they closed off Israel's route to the Red Sea, so they attacked Egypt Syria, and Jordan. After the SIx-Day War, Israel took plenty of Egypt and Syria's territory.
  • Yom Kipurr War

    Yom Kipurr War
    Egypt and Syria invaded Israel in order to get their land back. Israel had received help from the U.S. and fought with the Arabs until a cease-fire happened.
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    In order for Egypt to have peace with Israel, the U.S. president and the prime ministers of Egypt and Israeli met at Camp David. They signed an agreement called Camp David Accords which had Egypt legally recognize Israel.