Israelische en palestijnse vlag

Conflict In Israel

  • Six Day War

    Six Day War
    Egyptian troops moved into Sinai and Egypt to close off the Gulf of Aqaba. Expecting an Arab attack, Israel decided to strike first.Israel took control of the Golan Heights, Silan Peninsula, Geza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem
  • Yom Kippur War

    Yom Kippur War
    Determined to win their territory back Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack again Israel.After weeks of fighting, both sides agreed to cease-fire.
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    The egyptian president Anwar Sadat made a declaration for peace with Israel that would end over 30 years of fighting. To help faciliate the peace, U.S. president Jimmy Carter invited Sadat and the Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin to Camp David. There a treaty was reached known as the Camp David Accordfs
  • Intifada

    Palestinian resentment of Israeli occupation escalated into what is known as the intifada. During this event, Palestinian youths battled Israeli troops in widespread street violence. The fighting continued into the early 1990's.
  • Oslo Accords

    Oslo Accords
    PLO leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin negotiated a treaty known as the Oslo accords to end the violencel. However, extremist on both sides worked to undermine the peace process. Suicide bombings, a second intifada, and innocent civilian killings on both sides have been going on to this day.