columbus encounters the new world

  • Period: Aug 3, 1492 to

    north american colonization

    european colonization in the northern americas
  • Sep 9, 1500

    french began fur trade with indians

  • Jun 9, 1534

    Jacques Cartier Sailed up St. Lawernce river

    he sailed into the waters of st lawrence river in eastern canada
  • Sep 9, 1538

    hernando de soto southeastern expidition

    his exploration of the southeast
  • Sep 9, 1540

    coronando's journey from mexico to kansas

  • Sep 21, 1550

    juan de onate founded santa fe

    he origonaly wanted to go spread catholosism ended up
  • Sep 8, 1565

    spanish established St. Augustine

    pedro menendez de aviles landed on the shore of what is now called matanzas
  • attempt at roanoke

  • james town was founded

  • samuel de champlain

    they went up the St. Lawrence they set up a fort what is now quebec
  • beaver wars

    conflict between french and the iroquois confederacy fought against each other
  • The Mississippi Voyage of Jolliet and Marquette

  • the pueblo revolt