By lbwrt
  • 1900 BCE

    First speakers of the language

  • 1850 BCE

    The Oriipyr is first established at Orvila

  • 1775 BCE

    The Oriipyr becomes a developed civilization

  • 1500 BCE

    The age of conquest begins, with the Oriipyr invading nearby lands

  • 1500 BCE

    Oriila'u is established

  • Period: 1500 BCE to 1401

    Age of Conquest

  • 1400 BCE

    Lokta the Great Takes Over the Oriipyr

  • 1350 BCE

    Deiila'u is formed

  • 1350 BCE

    The Naval Age starts after The Oriipyr conquers Louisan and Taigan

  • 1150 BCE

    Oriipyr conquers much of the Desertican Territories and the North

  • 100 BCE

    Dark Lord Forpyre founds the Dark Empire

  • 1023

    The Dark Empire and Oriipyr Empire battle for the Desertican Territories

  • 1121

    The Dark Empire gains territory in the North

  • 1269

    The Desertican Territories become independent

  • 1401

    The Naval Age and Age of Conquest end

  • 1532

    Southern Costhos and many Eastern Territories break away

  • Caeluis the Warlord takes over the Oriipyr

  • Caeluis the Warlord retakes the Eastern Territories

  • Caeluis the Warlord declares war on the Dark Empire

  • The Great War Begins

  • The Northern Territories break free

  • Tyyrla'u / Voorla'u is created

  • The Oriipyr Empire collapses

  • Dark Lord Canericus comes to power and lays ruin to the empire

  • Technoblade puts an end to Canericus' rule

  • Dark Lord Nagatha comes to power and seeks revenge

  • Nagatha partially takes the Desertican Empire

  • The Siege of Mayhei Begins

  • Dark Lord Nagatha is slain by Link

  • The Baerok region delares Tyyrla'u as their official language