Civil War

  • 1800

    from the mid 1800s however foregin traders encraged hostile tribal groups to raid each other for treasure including ivory and slaves.
  • 1801 to 1900

    slavery in the sahel region of africa is hudreds of years old and sudan was a very active participant in the slave trade unitl early this century.
  • 1801

    the slave tradeing on african contient in the late 19th century was the most prominent & it was the south-western region of bahr al-ghazal
  • 1881

    revolt against the turco-egyptain administraction
  • 1900

    with followers of islam in the north and of christainaity and tradtional religions in the south, it is a microcosm of the way the country itself is divide
  • early 19th century

    in the early 19th century the jallaba a group of northern muslism traders mostly from the ja'aliyyin and danagla tribes of the nile valley came in increasing numbers to southern sudan esoeacially northern bahr al ghazal which became an important soruce of slaves. the jallaba made their fortunes in the slave trade although some also worked as boatmen and soliders.
  • 1920

    in the 1920s series of laws the closed districts ordinances placed tight controls on access to th south the nuba mounains darfur and southern blue nile whose peples aftr pcification were now regarded as needing protection
  • education

    english rather thn arbic was the languae of instruction and administraction
  • 1900-1956

    in the first two decades of the 20th century the british conducted a pacification campaign in southern sudan and the nuba mountains.
  • 1947

    in 1947 southern policy was abandoned after the juba conference organized by the coloinal government at which southern chies agreed wtih northtern nationalists to pursue a untied sudan.
  • 1953

    in the eyes of southerners sudanizaztion was effitively "nothernization" southerners were not repersented at the 1953 cario confernece on self-rule on the ground that they had no party or organization.
  • 1964

    General Abboud was overthrown in 1964 and a civilian caretaker government assumed control.