Charles Darwin Hero Project

  • Timetoast

    Finished the timeline of the progression of my heroe project on Timetoast and posted it on posterous. This is important because it documents my efforts over the past weeks.
  • What Defines a Hero?

    What Defines a Hero?
    Short freewrite on the meaning of being a hero.
  • The Assignment

    The Assignment
    We first recieve our papers and information regarding the Heroes Project. We go over details and ask and answer questions.
  • Choosing Charles

    Choosing Charles
    Finally, I chose someone to do my project on, and got a book from the library. Darwin was a familiar figure to me, and choosing him as my subject proved to be the most important moment in my project thus far.
  • Research

    Spent time reading Darwin's biography and taking notes on interesting instances or quotes. This will serve me for references in my final essay.
  • How I Chose My Subject

    How I Chose My Subject
    I wrote my first blog post about why I chose my subject. Writing it out helped me establish why exactly Darwing was a hero, and how he affected the rest of the world. This paragraph was a major turning point in the project because it helped me organize my thoughts on my hero.
  • Interview

    Made contact with my interviewee, Mrs. Driver, a science teacher, to ask for her to allow me to record an interview for the project and to give her the questions to have answers prepared.
  • Heroes in Literature and Life

    Heroes in Literature and Life
    In this second blog post, I analyzed the meaning of the word hero, and the variations that have come from authors, pop culture, etc. I decided that to me, a hero is someone who does the right thing despite personal repurcussions.
  • Passage Sharing

    Passage Sharing
    We were instructed to pick a passage from our biographies that we liked. My passage was a quote from a friend and colleague of Darwin threatening objectors to his work. I thought it was funny how close the group of scientists working on this theory and in related fields were.
  • Timetoast

    Finished my timeline of the progress of my heroes project. This is important because it documents my efforts over the past weeks.