Ch. 18 – The Islamic World & Africa

  • 500

    5th Centuray

    5th Cent – warfare between Byzantine & Persian Empires• Interrupted overland trade routes from E. Asia• Trade in spices, Chinese silks, Indian cottons shifted to sea routes connecting India w/ Arabia & Red Sea• Overland caravans carried goods up W. coast of Arabian Penin.• Cities & towns developed near wells along caravan routes• Mecca one of most important of these cities
  • 570

    Mohammed: The Prophet of Islam

    Born 570
  • Apr 19, 600

    Rise of Islam

    Rise of Islam Video• 7th Century (600s)• Islam arose on Arabian Peninsula
  • Apr 19, 622


    622 AD - Moh flees to Medina (event is the “Hegira”) – marks starting point of Muslim calendar
  • Apr 19, 700

    Spread of Islam

    Spread of IslamWithin 100 yrs, Islamic caliphates controlled:• Middle East• North Africa• Spain
  • Apr 19, 700

    New Religion

    7th cent – new religion emerged here: Islam“Islam” is Arabic for “submission”Within 100 yrs, Islam grew to control area larger than Roman Emp.
  • Crusades

    Crusades• 12th cent – Muslims engage in war w/ Christians over control of Holy Land• 1099 – Christians capture Jerusalem• Muslims later retake it under leader/warrior Saladin (1137-1193)