Catholicism in Australia

  • the first cathoics arrived with the first fleet.

    the first cathoics arrived with the first fleet. One tenth of thepeople of the first fleet were catholic, with most being irish convicts or marines.
  • First public Mass

    The first Public mass was done by Father Dixon
  • The First official priest in Australia

    Thes priests were Father Connolly and Therry
  • Construction of the first catholic church

    the First catholic church was built in Richond NSW
  • Australias First Bishop

    The first Bishop of Australia was Father Polding
  • Bishop of Hobart

    The bishop of hobart was announced and it was Father Robert Wilson
  • Bishop of Melbourne

    The first bishop of melbourne was James Alipius Goold
  • Dividing of the Cathoilc Church In Australia

    The church was divided into provinces and dioceses
  • First Bishop of Brisbane

    James Quin was the first bishop of Brisbane
  • Saint Marys Cathedral was destroyed

    It was destroyed by fire
  • Founding of the sisters of St Joseph

    Sisters of St Joesph was founded by Mary MacKillop and Fr Julian Tension Woods
  • Rebiulding of St Marys Cathedral

    the cathedral is rebuilt after being burnt down
  • St Vincent De Paul

    first St Vincent De Paul was established in Australia
  • Archbishop Moran

    Archbishop Moran created Cardinal by Pope Leo XIII
  • St Vincents Hospital

    Opened by the Sisters of Charity
  • St Patricks Cathedral

    Cathedral of St Patrick Melbourne
  • Catholic womens league

    established in 1916.
  • International Eucharistic Congress

    The international eucharistic congress in Sydney
  • St Patricks Cathedral

    The building the cathedral was completed
  • Archbishop of Sydney

    Norman Thomas Gilroy appointed Archbishop of Sydney
  • Archbishop Gilroy

    Archbishop Gilroy created first Australian-born Cardinal by Pope Pixus XII
  • Arrival of Ivan Prasko

    Arrival of Ivan Prasko, the first Bishop of for Ukrainian Catholics
  • Archbishop Mannix

    Archbishop Mannix dies.
  • Archbishop of Melbourne

    James Robert Knox appointed Archbishop of Melbourne
  • Pope VI visits Australia

    Paul VI visits Australia, ordains first Papuan-born Bishop
  • Archbishop of Sydney

    James Darcy Freeman appointed Archbishop of Sydney
  • Maronite Diocese

    Paul VI establishes Maronite diocese in Australia
  • Eucharistic Congress

    The International Eucharistic Congress in Melbourne
  • Archbishop of Melbourne

    Thomas Francis Little appointed Archbishop of Melbourne
  • Archbishop Freeman and Knox

    Archbishops Freeman and Knox created cardinals by Pope Paul VI
  • Archbishop of Sydney

    Edward Bede Clancy appointed Archbishop of Sydney
  • Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II visits Australia
  • Melkite Diocese

    Pope John Paul II establishes Melkite Diocese in Australia
  • Archbishop Clancy

    Archbishop Clancy created Cardinal by Pope John Paul II
  • Australian Catholic University

    Foundation of the Australian Catholic University
  • Pope John Paul II

    John Paul II visits Australia for Beatification of Mary MacKillop
  • Archbishop of Melbourne

    George Pell appointed Archbishop of Melbourne
  • Adelaide Cathedral

    St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Adelaide Completed
  • St Mary's Cathedral

    Completion of St Mary's Catherdral, Sydney
  • Archbishop Pell

    Archbishop Pell appointed Archbishop of Sydney
  • John Paul II

    Opening of John Paul II Institute for the Family, Melbourne
  • Archbishop of Melbourne

    Denise Hart appointed Archbishop of Melbourne
  • Archbishop Pell

    Archbishop Pell appointed Cardinal by Pope John Paul II Twitter icon