Catherine Johnston Timeline

Timeline created by CatJohnston21489
  • Birth

    I was born! My mother says I'm the best Valentine's Day present my father ever gave her. My father's dark haired gene proved its dominance when I came out with dark hair and dark eyes.
  • Motor Skills

    Although I'm far from walking and talking, I've got some mad motor skills! My arms, shoulders and legs keep this little body wriggling all over the place!
  • Fine Motor Skills

    No wonder my mom cut her hair short after I was born. My fine motor skills allow me to grab and hold on TIGHT to just about anything I can get my little hands on.
  • The Cat Walk

    Although I've been crawling all around the house, I really just learned how to strut my stuff! I'm a year old and WALKING!
  • Talking up a storm

    Whether its from observing my parents talking, being taught by my older brother or simply a mix of both, I am talking! I may only say a word or two, but my parents are thrilled.
  • Drama, drama, drama...

    My parents love to talk about my temper as a kid. Whether it be me screaming, 'no!" at just about every command they sent my way or fighting with my brother, I was a VERY spirited little girl.
  • Barbara is born!

    A star is born! Barbara Dodd was born on this glorious day. At first I feel sad that my mother's attention is being shared between now THREE kids... butLittle did I know my little sister would grow up to be my very best friend.
  • Garage Sailing

    At this age, my mom started to take me garage sailing with her; she soon found out about my horrible car-sickness. My developing hippocampus will help me to remember every time I got sick in the car and the feelng of laying down in the back of that red station wagon... Oh, good times!
  • Corporal Punishment?

    Now I was no walk in the park and I REMEMBER full well getting spanked. Looking back on it.. I probably deserved it... No, I DEFINITELY deserved it.
  • Animism

    This preoperational theory rings true for me when I thought that the family dog, Willy, is in fact a true member of the family. We often lay together and watch disney movies. I was CERTAIN that his favorite character was Ariel from The Little Mermaid... we were so alike in our love of Disney characters ; )
  • Creativity...

    My Motor skills have developed enough to aid in my joining a gymnastics team!! I am able to jump, flip and cartwheel with ease.
  • Emotional Regulation

    Although I still throw a temper-tantrum or two, I have learned how to control my emotions and "use my words" as my mother famously said.
  • Summer baby

    The last of the Johnston Clan is born! Max was born on a hot, summer day. As we all grew older, we couldn't wait to get our hands on his cute, chubby cheeks.
  • Divorce

    I don't remember much of my parents divorce. I don't remember Thanksgiving or Christmas without my Dad or the first Birthday that he missed. But I remember feeling very sad when my parents faught.
  • Best Friends Forever!

    This school year, I am sociable and excited to go to school. I respond well to other students and teachers alike. I prefer playmates and teachers of the same sex.. After all, girls rule and boys drool.
  • Another artist in the family.

    My mother's creativity is passed down to me. We often draw, paint and sing together. I am eager to show my classmates at school my new drawings.
  • Parenting Styles

    As we all get older, my parents seem to settle into their Authoritative parenting styles. We feel loved and comforted, but know our boundaries.
  • Outdoor Fun

    A new schoolyear brings new programs. This year in school, we start a program called "Jump Start your Heart" where daily exercise is stressed and I take up jump roaping. My gym teacher knew how to stimulate us children to make exercising fun... This introduction to physical activity leads to years of challenging myself physically.
  • Spelling Bee!

    I'm one of the three kids left to participate in the 5th grade spelling bee. Through countless nights of studying and reciting words, automatization has helped me get this far! Wish me luck :)
  • Big Bad Bully

    My older brother was a big of a geek and the neighborhood bullies noticed. One day, as my brother was getting picked on by a particularly large bully, I walked up to him and spit in his face. I can say now that I'm not very proud of this, but in the moment it felt great. I later found out that this particular bully was himself a bully-victim.
  • Middle school

    I've just started middle school, and I'm feeling more anxious than ever. I now make friends who will be with me all throughout high school. Everyone is changing and finding their niche; my peers are probably the most important thing to me.
  • Puberty

    I start my period right after my my 12th birthday. It has hit me, I feel like i'm finally growing up and fitting in with the older girls in school. I am very conscious of how I look and dress and want so desperately to fit in.
  • Body Image

    As the end of the school year approaches, I am surrounded by cheerleaders and athletes. My body image and self esteem is pretty low. Many of my friends throw up their lunches to look and feel skinnier... The pressure of middle school is intense.
  • First Love

    A new school year brings new classmates and I've found love! Well, puppy love... I am head over heels and my parents are uncomfortable. They know that giving me too much freedom can be dangerout at this point in my life because hormones dictate just about every move.
  • Well that didn't last long.

    He broke up with me.. I feel like I'll never know true love again. As teenagers, we feel emotions VERY intensely. I must keep it together because the "imaginary audience" is always lurking around the corner.
  • Rumination

    Its been a rough start to highschool. There is a lot of pressure in wearing the right clothes and hanging out with the "right" people. I often find myself replaying conversations and past experiences and it leaves me feeling blue.
  • Going down the wrong path

    My best friend and I try alcohol for the first time. I, fortunately don't like its taste or how it makes me feel but she goes down a path of partying and hanging out with significantly older men. Our friendship dwindles.
  • Theater

    Once again, a new school year brings new opportunities. On a whim, I try out for the school play and get a significant supporting role! I am making new friends and exploring a new passion. This year is gonna be good...
  • Healthy household

    My mom does a total health overhaul in our household. I start exercising and become very busy with my studies, my rehearsals and my running schedule. My mom is very careful to keep an eye on my activities so that I do not become over-obsessed with physical appearance. She must have seen a story about bulimia on Oprah or something..
  • So this is love...

    My friend, Mark, who I've known for years starts to look really attractive to me. We find that we have a lot in common and I often think of him outside of school. I look forward to seeing him in class and base a lot of my day around him.
  • The end is near.

    High school is coming to an end, and I'm ready! The last six months, I've felt ready to move on. I've been applying to colleges and although I don't know what I want to do with my life yet, I'm excited for new beginnings.
  • High School Graduation

    I am ready!!! I'm excited to start college and find my way in the world.
  • Prom

    After months of flirting, telephone calls and daydreaming, Mark is officially my boyfriend. I've never met anyone like him and as a final "hurrah", we're going to prom together! I'm excited to mark this special day with such a special guy...
  • The Summer of Exhaustion

    Mark and I call this summer the "Summer of Exhaustion". We are both working full time but we make time in our busy schedules to see each other. My mother approves of Mark, but worries about all the time we spend alone together.
  • College, round one!

    I took one semester off so I could work and save money for college. I know that a college education will bring my life to a better place. Between my full-time job and now paying rent to my mother for living in her home, I am exhausted. I finish one semester of college and take another year off to figure out my life. Mark is still a strong person in my life.
  • Intimacy and Friendship.

    I've been with my significant other for roughly two years, we've become very close and the best of friends. I've learned to make sacrifices for the good of or relationship despite the risk of being alone in the end.. For some reason, I know what we have is special.
  • Vocational Identity

    I am working and now live with Mark. We have become a team, both working hard to make a better life for ourselves. Mark is managing a restaurant and I'm working two jobs to make ends meet. Through work, I am exploring my strengths and weaknesses.. This difficult time in my life will pay off later on.
  • Different places

    I'm running into a lot of friends from highschool who are in college or working. I am taken aback by the differences in how we live. I work hard to feed, clothe and keep a roof over my head and I'm in a committed long-term relationship. My old friends are enjoying the single-life living on a college campus and rather than having serious relationships, they favor hookups. The differences are vast.
  • Going back to school.

    I've decided to go back to school. The possibilities at my fingertips are endless and I've often felt "choice overload". I have now narrowed down my choices to nursing, therapy or teaching. The pressure of going to school has really gotten to me and I'm ready to make a change.
  • Cohabitation

    With both of us back in school and working, Mark and I are finding it very difficult to keep a cool head about things. Life can be overwhelming when times are stressfull and money is tight. Throughout this difficult time, we get closer and stronger.
  • My first "big-girl" job.

    After taking classes to become a Medical Assistant, I've finally landed a real job that pays well and offers benefits! This is just what I needed to boost my self-esteem and confidence. I know that this isn't the last stop for me, but rather the first in a long line of career stages.
  • We're Engaged!!!

    After nearly four and a half years of dating, Mark proposed! We are excited about our future and supportive of each other's goals. Although we're both still in school, the idea of wedding planning is fun!
  • Homogamy

    Mark has gotten into nursing school! It's so nice to have a partner who values the same interests and has similar goals.
  • White Wedding

    We're so excited to start our life together as husband and wife. Our rustic barn wedding is the talk of the town.
  • A nurse in the family

    Mark graduates nursing school right before our wedding. This career will change the course of our lives forever.
  • White Wedding

    Very excited to start our lives together as husband and wife. Our rustic barn wedding is talked about for months!
  • Retirement

    I've always considered myself a work horse, but I am EXCITED to retire. My husband and I decide to retire in the same summer and take up some activities we've always wanted to, but never made time to do. I start painting, he takes up drawing and enrolls in a swim class.
  • Master's Degree

    I graduate with my masters degress in Occupational Therapy. It's been a long ride but worth the ups and downs.
  • Baby on Board

    Alice is born and our love for her grows more every day.
  • Housewarming

    Our little condo has been good to us, but with our growing family, its time to upgrade! We move ourselves, our baby and all of our stuff into our new home.
  • Race against the clock

    I start training for my first marathon. My body doesn't adapt as well to physical activity and strain like it used to but I'm determined to prove that I can finish strong!
  • Baby No. 2

    My Memorial baby, Lee Holden is big and strong and into EVERYTHING!
  • Puppy love

    We decide to bring a four legged friend into the family. My husband insists on getting a big dog who will accompany on runs and look intimidating. This doberman puppy is anything but mean! The kids climb all over him and he loves the attention... His name is Bruce Wayne :)
  • Fertility

    We always dreamed of having a large family but as I get older we're finding it difficult to get pregnant with our third child. Funny how time catches up with you...
  • Taking care of your parents

    My Dad has always worked a high stress corporate job and I often worry about it catching up with him. I visit him in the hospital after a heart attack scare and ask him to move closer to us.... He moves into our garage apartment.
  • Loss

    We love my husband's father to a long struggle with poor health and diabetes. Today is a sad day for all.
  • Lee the artist

    Lee goes off to art school. Although we're proud of him we can't help but to worry about his future job prospects.
  • A Dog's Impact

    We lose our lovely Bruce Wayne today. He lived a long, happy and fulfilled life. His old age was impressive for a doberman.
  • Our baby is in college?

    Our first born goes off to college! She'll do great things for herlself and this world.
  • Downsizing

    With our second child going off to school in the fall, we decide to downsize and buy a smaller home. It's easier for my husband and I to get around
  • Finding my niche

    With both kids out of the house, my husband and I feel in the full swing of work and our recreational activities. I keep myself busy with my patients and have joined an art class at the local community college for self-enrichment purposes.
  • Social Convoy

    Every year since our twenties, we've gone on vacation with the same group of close friends. This year is no exception!
  • Familism

    Lee and his family move into our basement as they get on their feet. We are happy to sacrifice our time to help with the baby, and our extra space to help them out.
  • Grandbabies!!

    Lee gets married and no sooner do we wish them congratulations than do we discover we have a grandbaby on the way. As our kids have grown into adults, our admiration equally grows for them.
  • Geriatrics

    I am sixty years old today... It feels better than I thought it would. I am active and in good health; I still work part time as an occupational therapist but my patient contact isn't as strenuous as it once was. Today is a day of reflection and family.
  • Wear and Tear

    Years of running and triathalons has taken its toll on us. My husband's knees are rickety and stiff and my hands have become rigid. I am shocked at how much older I feel when I look at my hands.
  • Retirement

    My husband and I decide to retire at the same time and take up some hobbies that we never gave ourselves time to do in the past. I start painting and hiking, he enrolls in a swim class. We're ready for this...
  • The loss of a friend..

    I lost my best friend today to cancer. She died peacefully among family. As I've gotten older, morbidity seems to be all around me.
  • Young-Old

    We are well integrated into the lives of our friends and familes. We see our kid's families about twice a month and keep ourselves busy with friends and activities.
  • Granny Driver

    I've always been a very careful driver, but nowadays I find myself being a nervous driver... Although we still have both cars, my husband does most of the driving in our household.
  • Creativity

    I've always been creative, but my arthritis makes it difficult to make my art. I've been working with clay and oil paints and have found success and fulfillment in it. Some of my work is in the retirement home's dining area.
  • Adaptation

    Although I miss my lush garden from home, I am able to upkeep the little plants in our new home. I take pride in bringing things from our old life into our new home.
  • Moving On

    With the encouragement and support of or family members, we move into a retirement living community. My husband takes it harder than I do but I remind him to enjoy the amenities of the indoor swimming pool, grocery shopping on site and the allure of not having to brave the wintery roads is comforting.
  • Pharmacy family

    My husband and I laugh at each other's bottles of prescription drugs on our breakfast counter. We try to keep a sense of humor about aging.. and I often remind him that he has one more prescription bottle than I do :)
  • The Life Review

    I often look back at the decisions I've made with pride. I am thankful for every mistake and misjudgement because it brought me to the place I'm in today. My Grandkids love listening to my stories.. at least they pretend to.
  • Integrity

    I volunteer my time at the local rec-center to help with other geriatric people. I encourage creativity, activity and communication. My years as an occupational therapist gear me towards helping others.
  • Family Gatherings

    Today is my husband's 95th birthday. Although mine is only a month away, I can't help but to feel sad that it takes a birthday to get us all together. The kids are so busy with raising their own families that its hard to see everyone. Despite my sadness, I am happy to be here today.
  • Long-term partnership

    My husband and I have been married 71 years! We've found the rythm to our relationship. Although things are less about sex and more about companionship, he still makes me laugh every day.
  • Small close-knit group

    Most of my friends from my younger years are either dead or dying. Years of stressfull jobs and unhappy marriages take their toll on people. We've made new friends and kept old ones and although they're few and far between, we still value their impact on our lives.
  • Peace in Dying

    I don't get around very much these days. I find joy in the little things and either don't notice or don't pay too much attention to negativity around me. I've gotten a home health aid to help out around the house and thats just fine with me.
  • Last wishes?

    My daughter visits more often these days. She's concerned about a nasty cough I've had for a few months; I tell her its nothing. She asks about my "last wishes"... I tell her I'd like to donate my organs, she laughs when I said, "They're still worth something, these organs of mine!" Sense of humor is key.
  • Ripe old age

    Do I feel lucky to be 101 or do I feel tired? Both. I feel like I've achieved many things in my time.. My husband and I don't bicker about the little things anymore, we take care of eachother as best we can. I do mourn the loss of my physical strength and abilities.
  • Last Hurrah

    Today is my 102nd birthday. I don't know a lot of the people in the room celebrating today but I'm happy to be celebrating nonetheless. There's a lot of things I can't do anymore, I can't play my guitar, I can't run a marathon and I can't see very well anymore. Despite these shortcomings, I feel everything. I feel happiness, love and fulfillment. When my husband and I go to bed tonight, we won't be waking up tomorrow morning. We pass peacefully in our sleep, hand in hand. What a way to go!