Career Search -Game of LIfe

  • Period: to


  • Attending Meadowbrook High School

    my freshman year
  • Become Part of NHS

  • Freshman Goals

    I would like to letter un 3 things and recive a letter from a college.
  • First Born

    Born to mother Robin Bennet and Father Johnny Mitchell III
  • 2016 Sophmore

    Start varsity and keep above a 3.75 GPA.
  • Start Varsity Football

  • Become a FCA leader.

  • Early College Start

  • Graduate top 20 of my class

  • Choosing a Major and University

  • Ohio University

    Study Engineering, get a degree higher than associates, and make 70-120 thousand dollars anually.
  • College Graduation

    Time with my family and realizeing my acomplishment.
  • Buy a House

  • Have a Valuable Relationship

  • Buy a GTR