Career Project: Optometry

By TJ3150
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    This is the day I will graduate high school. I hope to graduate with at least two types of scholorships and a 3.8< GPA. I also hope to graduate in the top two of my class.
  • Start College at Penn State

    Start College at Penn State
    I hope to attend college at Penn State. Penn State is in the top 1% of universities worldwide. While there, I hope to major in different science classes, since considering Optometry as my occupation would mainly deal with science courses. My estimated tuition and fees would be about $25,406 per Academic Year. My estimated rent, meals, and books price would be about $14,814 per Academic Year. When you add all of that, it rounds out to about $40,220 per Academic Year.
  • Graduate from College

    Graduate from College
    I'll graduate college after eight grueling years-in the year 2024. I hope to graduate with all A's and B's and with some type of honors. I hope to also have some type of internship so I can start off my own business as soon as possible after I have experience.
  • First day of work

    First day of work
    After a month from graduating college, I hope to have a job at a local eye clinic; for example-vision care.
  • Promotion

    Hopefully by this time, I'll recieve some type of promotion from my job. This will give me a boost for starting my own business.
  • Moving time!

    Moving time!
    If I ever decide to move, I would prefer moving the summer before I hope to start my own business. This would give myself enough time to get settled down but still maintain my job after college for a good amount of time.
  • Starting my own business

    Starting my own business
    After five years of free time from graduating college, I hope to have started by own business. I would probably try to place the business 20 minutes or less from wherever I live.
  • Retirement

    Hopefully, I'll be around the age of 65 when I fully retire from being an Optometrist.
    ...time to relax!