Burma 1800-Present Day

  • Period: to

    First Anglo-Burmese War

    First of three wars fought between the British and Burmese, this one began over the control of northeastern India
  • Period: to

    Second Anglo-Burmese War

    The second of three wars between the British and the Burmese. This war resulted in the British East India Company's annexation over lower Burma
  • Period: to

    Third Anglo-Burmese War

    The last of three wars between the British and Burmese. The war resulted in Burma becoming a province under British Rule
  • End of Dynasty

    The end of the third and last Anglo-Burmese war also resulted in the end of the Konbaung Dynasty, the last dynasty of Burma.
  • British Rule

    The official annexation of all Burma to British rule
  • First University Strikes

    In the early 1920's, the first protests against the Colonial Education System took place.
  • Burmese Constitutional Referendum

    Promising a "discipline-flourishing democracy"