Birth - Death and Dying - Camille Dittmar

  • Hiccuping

    Prenatal Development (says my mother). She says I hiccuped a lot.
  • Birth

  • Crawling

    physical (first 2 years)
  • Walking

    I began to walk (first 2 years) physical
  • Spoke my first words

    cognitive (first 2 years)
  • Emotions and Interacting

    I began to express when I did or didn't like something. I also began imitating my parents actions and interacting with them more (physical)
  • I made my first friend

    Preschool (psychosocial)
  • Speaking English Fluently

    Language progressed from broken words to complete sentences. (cognitive)
  • First ER trip

    I fell down off the monkey bars and had to go to the emergency room. They suspected I might have punctured my spleen because I was experiencing extreme abdominal pain, but everything turned out fine. (physical)
  • Met my best friend

    In second grade I met a friend that has been my best friend ever since. (psychosocial)
  • Period of Scaredness

    *Could you help me with this event? (cognitive)
    I went through a phase for the first couple months of 2nd grade when I did not want to go to school at all. I would cry and my mom would have to pick me up and take me home. My mom couldn't figure out why I did this but eventually she heard me say that I knew she was home alone and I didn't want her to be home alone. I also remember being very scared of my second grade teacher. She was a very mean lady and put so much pressure and scared me a lot.
  • Rollar Hockey

    I began getting involved in team sports. I was the only girl on a rollar hockey team for a few years during my school years.
  • First Kiss

    Adolescence - Biosocial
  • Advanced Classes In High School

    Adolescence - Cognitive
  • Jock Identity Formed

    Adolescence - psychosocial
  • College Athletics (Softball)

    Emerging Adulthood - Biosocial
    led to a healthy lifestyle
  • Decided on Double Major in College

    Emerging Adulthood - Cognitive
  • Began Dating my Current Boyfriend

    Emerging Adulthood - psychosocial
    serious relationship
  • Graduated From Bachelors College

  • Graduate from Physical Therapy School

  • Get Married

  • Had my 1st child

    Adulthood - Biosocial
  • Focused on Career

    Adulthood - Cognitive
    narrowed down my many interests from early adulthood into one career path
  • Established strong new generation of family

    Adulthood - psychosocial
    This will happen by 2020. My sister is younger, I will get married and have children first. Once she has a famiy of her own (I'm guessing by 2020) we will have a new generation of children in my large family get togethers.
  • Phsyical Apperance shows age

    Adulthood - Biosocial
  • Midlife Crisis

  • First grandchildren is born

  • Retire

  • Natural Death