Birth Day

By cboyd
  • Birth Day

    Arrived June,18 1981. I was 6lb 10oz 21in.
  • Period: to

    Birth to Death

  • The first two years..Biosocial Development

    My mother said I was a good sleeper from the day I came home. I started smiling at month old. I cried at all my doctor appointments. My mother said it was like I knew I was getting an immunization.
  • The first two years of my life..Cognitive Development

    My mom describes me as a very active baby. I went through the 6 stages of sensorimotor intelligence just fine. I wa s always into to something. I began crawling at 5 months and walking around 10 months. My first birthday I was able to say hi to all my friends and family at my 1st birthday party.
  • First two years... Psychosocial Development

    I never had to go to day. There was always someone in the home to care for me. I lived with my mother and grandparents. I wasn't a shy child I loved everyone. I would say hi to people whenever I went in public. If I was in trouble I had to face a corner and thats about the only time I cried besides when I was hurt.
  • School/Play years. Preschool...Cognitive Development

    I started pre-school at 3 years old. My mother said I just loved going to school. I was so happy to see and play with all the other children. My favorite part was when I finger painted. I still remember my teachers name. Mrs Wilson.
  • School/Play years..Biosocial Development

    My neighnbor was my best friend we were only months apart. I would come home from school and want to go right over her house to play. I use to make her picture in school. She was in dance class and I wanted to be in it with her so my mother decided I could do it with her. I was so happy to start dance. lessons. I would come home from dance and show my family all my new dance moves. I also learned to ride a two wheeler.
    I wanted my bike to look like the other kids bikes
  • School years..Elementary..Kindergarden..Psychosocial Development

    I began Kindergarden at 5 years old. My best friend and I would walk to the bus stop about 5 houses down from my house and go to school. We were in the same class so this helped her more than me because school wasn't new to me.
  • School years..Elementary.. Cognitive Development

    I was super excited to go to school all day. My favorite part was lunch. I loved the chicken nuggets and Friday's because it was pizza day.
  • School years..Elementary..Psychosocial

    I was in brownies. I loved it, it was after school for about an hour. I had alot of friends that were in it too. We did so may fun projects. My favorite one was going to a senior citizen home and gave them little bunnies with candy in them. The seniors just loved us.
  • School years...Cognitive

    I remember my 4th grade teacher used to give out candy if you did well on your spelling test. I would always get 100% or one wrong so I got a piece of candy just about every other wek. He also gave us popcicles at recess in the summer if we were good in class
  • School years..Cognitive

    I was making friends with no problem. I joined the ski club. It was some of my best times in middle school.
  • School years....Biosocial Development

    I was a sixth grader. I thought I was so cool being the oldest grade in the whole school. I loved playing with all my friends at recess.
  • School years... Psychosocial

    I was very helpful in school. I was service squad which meant that I got to help out in the kindergaden room before and after school and before lunch. I would put snacks together for all the children in the class. My teachers looked at me as very helpful confident student.
  • School years..Middle school.7th grade..Psychosocial

    My first day of middle school. I was so nervous. All my friends went to another school because of their address, so I only knew about 5 people.
  • School years...Psychosocial

    At 11 years old I had my first paying job. I would babysit about 3 days a week. There was 2 little boys 5 and 7. I thought they were the cutiest kids ever.
  • School years..7th grade...Biosocial

    Puberty started for me. I was now a woman. I had the talk with my grandma about this and knew it would be just about anytime this would be happening.
  • School years..Job

    I had got another job at a senior citizen home. I worked in the dining room. I would set/clear tables and help the residents get there meals. I worked here for about 3 years. I loved all the elderly people.
  • Shool years...Bisocial

    The first I tried drinking with friends at a party. Something my teenagers try in high school
  • School years.High school..cognitive

    Starting 9th grade was fairly easy for me. I had alot of friends going to the same high school unlike middle school where I only knew about 5 people.
  • Schoolyears..Psychosocial

    I had a liittle experince with bullying. I told my family about it and there was a meeting with the bullies and there parents. The bullying ended.
  • Schhol Years.. Cognitive

    Going into 10th grade. This year I'll be getting my licenses.
  • School years.. Cognitive

    I got my liceses. I had help paralle parking because I was exteremly worried to do it before my road test. My grandfather took me out a few days before my test
  • Schhol years.. Cognitive

    Starting 11th grade.
  • School years... psychosocial

    This was the year I had my first serious boyfriend.
  • School years..Cognitive

    The year I became a senior. This was a great year
  • School years..psycsocial

    My boyfriend and I were not so close. He began acting really mean the last couple months.
  • School years...Psychosocial

    Went to senior prom with my boyfriend.
  • School years...Cognitive

    I graduated from high school. This day was one of my best memories.
  • My first pregnacy..Bisocial

    My first pregnancy I was very young. My boyfriend was older than me and had his own place so I moved in with him
  • Birth of my child.. Biosocial

    I welcomed my daughter into the world. She was born at 6:07am and was 21in. She was the most beautiful little girl Ive ever seen.
  • Vaction to Flordia..Psychosocial

    My daughter and I flew to Florida to visit our family and so everyone could meet my daughter.
  • Moving out...Biosocial

    I moved out of my boyfriends house do to the amount of stress I have living with him. I rent my own house for my daughterr and I
  • Start Schoolcraft Cognitve..

    I sign up to take classes. I'm want to get a teaching degree in special education.
  • Met My fiancee..psychosocial

    I met my fiancee on a booze cruize. I gave him my phone number that night and he called me about 7 times before I called him back. I was alittle nervious to date someone at this time of my life plus having a child isnt easy to date people. I just didnt feel real comfortable with it, but I gave it a shot
  • Moving in together ..psychosocial

    I moved in together with my fiancee. It worked out to be good after all. It was just him my daughter and I. He bought a house that I fell in love with.
  • 2nd pregnancy..bisocial

    I found out were pregnant. This will be his first children however he cares for my daughter like his own.
  • 2nd child born... Biosocial

    We welcome our son into the world. He was healthly and happy everything a mother could ask for.
  • Return to school.. Cognitive

    I decided to change my degree to nursing.
  • Transfer to another college..Cognitive

    Im transferring to Modonna University to start the nursing program.
  • Graduate from Modonna with a RN degree..Cognitive

    I graduated in May with my Bachelors in Nursing.I felt like this day would never come. All my family and friends were there to support me that day
  • Start my career.. Psychosocial

    I get a job at St Mary's hospital. I love my job.
  • I get Married..Psychosocial

    Today is the day everyone has been waiting for. We went to Hawii to get married. Just my husband and children then we came home and had a huge celebration a month after the marriage
  • Graduation of my first born..

    The day I was so happy but sad at the same time. My little girl was graduating and her life is about to bloom.
  • Family Vaction..

    I take my family on a cruise to the carribean for two weeks. This is something I've always wanted to do. A get away for two hole weeks.
  • Son starts driving...biosocial

    My youngest starts driving. He is also a coach for the city football little leage team
  • Daughters wedding...psycosocial

    My daughter is getting married to a wonderful man
  • Son graduates

    The day my youngest graduates. He graduates with high honors.
  • I become a grandmother..Psychosocial

    My daughter gives birth to my first born grandson. He is a joy to the family
  • send my son to college. psycosocial

    My son is now on his own. Hes now in college at Ferris.
  • Move into a smaller house

    My husband and I move into a smaller home because our children are moved out.
  • Start menopause..biosocial

    Im going threw menopause
  • My husband retires..psychosocial

    My husband retires due to his parents not doing to well. He's worked over thirty years
  • My son has graduated college..

    I was so proud of him. He took alittle long than expected but he did it. We had a great celebration
  • My first granddaughter is born..Psychosocial

    My granddaughter is welcomed into the world by our family.
  • Retirement..Psychosocial

    I decide to retire. We have decided to plan our furture of retirement and spend time with our family.
  • Take up gardening..psychosocial

    I have always loved to garden just havent had much time to do it. My husband even enjoys doing it with me. We spend alot of time in the yard.
  • Return to school..Cognitive

    I decide to go back to school to continue my education
  • My son gets married to his high school sweetheart..Psychosocial

    This is one of the most beautifuliest weddings I've been too
  • My 3rd grandchild is born..

    My son's first born child arrived today. She looks just like he did when he was born
  • I become a great grandmother..Psychosocial

    My granddaughter had her first born. I'm now a great grandmother
  • Traveling with my husband..Psychosocial

    Traveling with my Husband. What we have been waiting for our whole live together.
  • Move to assistant living

    My husband and I move to an assistant living facility.
  • My husband passes..Biosocial

    My husband dies in his sleep at the age of 85
  • Surprise Party...

    My children and grandchild throw me a surprise party for my 80th birthday.
  • I pass way...Bisocial

    I pass away from old age