Bible Timeline

  • Fall of Jerusalem 70 AD

    Jerusalem has fallen to the roman armies. Jerusalem was sieged and conquered. It was ended by the destroying of the second temple. Jerusalem had been taken over for the first time and had almost came back and pushed the army back, but they got beaten and destroyed.
  • The council of Nicea 325

    The council of Nicea was a debate on the nature of christianity. The council condemned Ariansim. Also, the council declared that Jesus was begotten, not made, and that he is Homoousios, or of the same substance of the Father.
  • The coucil of Chalcedon 461 AD

    The council debated over a group of bishops and other leaders with the purpose of defining the nature of god for all of Christiaity.
  • Benedicts Rule 530 AD

    Benedicts rule was put into action with monasticism. St. Benedict opens his Rule by calling on the disciple to listen to the teacher, and so the Rule established the master-disciple relationship that can be found in many cultures.
  • Charlemagne is crowned 800 AD

    The pope had crowned Charlemagne king and he becomes more powerful then the emperor in theory, but the pope wasn't even able to crown him so it didn't really make him more powerful, but everyone believed it and went with it.
  • The Skizm of 1054 AD

    This is when the church is officially split after the crusades. It was the event where the church was finally split, the Eastern church and the Western church. They all wanted the most power and they got so mad at each other that they has been excommunicating eachother which finally ended everything.
  • Diet of Worms 1521 AD

    This was a big trial that was held for Martin Luther to Recant for what he has tought and written. Martin Luther in the end, decided to not recant for what he has done which was a big thing becasue he stood up for his faith and what he believed.
  • The conversion o fthe Wesleys 1738 AD

    The wesleys and their friends had renewed doctrined of God's grace that had gone stale in the church and applied these doctrines to the working class.
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