Battles in the war of 1812

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    Battles in the war

  • Battle of Detroit

    Battle of Detroit
    First Nations and British had some easy victories so they tried to capture Detroit. They had an army of 400 soldiers,& 600 First Nations. A total of 1000 warriors had to fight off the 2500 soldiers living in Detroit. Brock made many plans to create fear in the Americans' hearts. He had thought to have the militia in extra scarlet uniform to make them fit in with the Americans & they had also made fake battle cries to startle the Americans. When Brock did his fake attack it made Hull surrender.
  • Battle in Queenston Heights

    Battle in Queenston Heights
    Queenston Heights is one of the famous battles that occurred in 1812 at Niagara falls. It was a success & a disaster for the soldiers fighting invading the American army. To lead attack on Canada, the governor of New York, appointed the job to General Stephen Van Ressler. In October Ressler sent a group of 3,500 soldiers to go along Niagara river to fight against British soldiers. Stephan lead 200 men across the river at Queenston. They had lost one of their important leaders, Isaac Brock.
  • Battle of Beaver Dams (Thorold)

    Battle of Beaver Dams (Thorold)
    Laura Secord travelled by foot to tell Fitzgibbon (British) American attack plans.The British prepared to meet the attack at Beaver Dams. After 3 hours of firing at shadows the Americans were ready to surrender.5 First Nations chiefs and warriors were said to have been killed. 20-25 wounded and Americans suffered 25 dead & 50 injured + the commander, Boerstler. The American force was caught in a furious crossfire. Fitzgibbon offered to protect the Americans from the Mohawks if they surrendered.
  • Battle in York (Toronto)

    Battle in York (Toronto)
    On the morning of April 27th, 1813 was the battle for York ( Toronto). 16 American ships under Commodore Isaac Chauncey had come to York. On those 16 ship were 1700 American armies. The British had a poor defense of 700 soldiers. The Americans had gotten easy control of York. It was a lose for the British. Sir Roger Hale Sheaffe retreated leaving 2 militia officers to find an agreement for the terms of surrender.
  • Battle of Crysler's Farm

    Battle of Crysler's Farm
    More than 13000 American began to advance down the
    St. Lawrence River towards Montreal. British soldiers, militia, and First Nations totalled to be about 900 people. The small force set up defense at Crysler’s farm blocking the Americans.On November 11, about 2000 Americans attacked the British.British poured volleys of fire into the advancing Americans. Then the Americans retreated across the border.
  • Battle of Lundy's Lane

    Battle of Lundy's Lane
    There was a force of 1500 Americans under General Scott.
    The British force of 1700 were attacked by the Americans.
    It was a hard-fought battle and it lasted into the night.
    Each side lost more than 800 men by the end of the battle.
    The American army retreated, never to invade Canada again.
    The commanding generals on both sides were wounded.
    Brown and Scott were wounded so severely that they had to withdraw.