• Begin with Freshman year

    Short-Range goal:Throughout high school, I want my GPA to be no lower than a B. And I want to be in the top 25% in rankings. To achieve this I must find an order to things and make a plan, then make a schedule based on that plan and stick to it. Be in Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir, Photo Journalism, etc.
    Take foreign language classes throughout the year. Take Honors classes and duel credit courses.
  • Steps to achieve my short-term plan:

    • Study a certain way and keep it.
    • Go in for tutoring.
    • Keep in contact with the teachers, maybe even with some other teachers that could help me in any way.
    • Ask for help with work from teachers and classmates.
    • Make a better schedule with more order and consistency.
    • Sign up for scholarships and any good opportunities.
    • Get more involved with community and school community.
    • Keep watch on GPA, class grades, and class ranks.
  • Begin Sophomore year on track and in order

    Start up a schedule again and keep order throughout the year. Keep an eye on GPA and other class grades. Keep in contact with teachers, make new contacts with new people. Take the PSAT Sophmore/Junior year.
    Be in Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir, etc.
  • Begin Junior year

    Keep an eye on GPA and other class grades as well as rankings. Keep the schedule going, and keep helpful contacts. Be in Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir, etc.
    Take the PSAT Sophmore/Junior year.
    Take ACT on certain classes.
  • Begin Senior year

    Keep up the schedule, keep watch on the GPA, and work on class rankings for the last year before college. Take EOC's.
    Be in Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir, etc.
    Make sure to get class ranks satisfying.
  • Graduation plan

    My plan is to graduate from high school with scholarships and various opportunities. To be in the top 25% in the class rankings, and to have a high GPA.
  • Long-term plan throughout college

    Graduate from college to get a degree. Then soon get a job in the career field, maybe with a job ahead of time to help pay off things while I'm studying for a career. I need to figure out finance, and make a plan so that I can stay focused on my education.
  • Steps to achieve my long-term goal

    -Get a part time job.
    -Find a good and reliable college.
    -Learn how to successfully go into college.
    -Keep in contact with professors for opportunities and help.
    -Study a certain field.
    -Get involved with getting to know teachers.
    -Get a degree.
    -Get a job in the field.