By erdab3
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    The day I was born.
  • My Sister's Birth

    My Sister's Birth
    This was the day my little sister, Brooke, was born.
  • Hawaii Trip

    Hawaii Trip
    My family went to Hawaii for my parents 10 year wedding anniversery because that's where they got married.
  • Lakeland Dance Team

    Lakeland Dance Team
    This was the day I made it onto the Lakeland Dance Team.
  • Graduated 8th Grade

    Graduated 8th Grade
    This is the day I graduated 8th grade at Wanaque Elementry School.
  • New Dog

    New Dog
    This is the day we adopted my dog.
  • Boyfriend

    This is the day me and my boyfriend started dating.
  • Baptized

    This was the day I was baptized at my church, Emergence.
  • Driver's Permit

    Driver's Permit
    This was the day I got my driver's permit.
  • Today

    This is the day I made this timeline.