ashley timeline


    I was born to David and Lisa Klein at Palos Hospital.
  • Hola People

    Hola People
    For my elective choice I would like to take Spanish because I really want to learn a different language, and I can teach my mom because she wants to learn also.
  • Im Graduating JR High

    Im Graduating JR High
    Three goals I want to achieve before I graduate Prarie are speak a different language, stay in advanced math, and get good grades.
  • Alan B. Sheperd

    Alan B. Sheperd
  • Advanced Math

    Advanced Math
    I want to stay in advanced math for 7th until the end of college because then I have a good chance to be an actuary.
  • Make Soccer Team

    Make Soccer Team
    I love soccer and I've played it since I was in 1st grade and I'd like to keep the skills I have and become a better soccer player.
  • Good SAT Score

    Good SAT Score
    I want a good SAT score so I can get scholar ships and schools will accept me and a obviosly get a good job.
  • Join at Least 5 Clubs Each Year

    Join at Least 5 Clubs Each Year
    I want to make new friends and try new things by joining different clubs.
  • Have Strsight A's

    Have Strsight A's
    I want good grades so when i apply colleges they will accept me becaus eof my effort and good grades.
  • High School Graduation Obstacles

    High School Graduation Obstacles
    Two obstacles that could stand in my way are loosing my freinds because of drugs and not having enough money to go to collge.
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    The people I want to have at my granduation are my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, Aunt Sandy, Steven, Riza, Aunt Michelle, and Uncle Dino because they support me the most.
  • Actuary

    The college I might be going to is the University of Pheonix. I will need a bachelors degree, and i will make about 87,650 a year and 41.14 per hour.
  • Swim with Sharks

    Swim with Sharks
    I want to swim with sharks because I love to get so scared I could pee my pants but I dont.

    I want to go sky diving because I want to get that adrenalin rush and that excitment of being scared.
  • Win a Radio Contest

    Win a Radio Contest
    Lastly I want to win a radio contest because not many people get the chance and it would be a crazy opportunity
  • All 50 States

    All 50 States
    I want to visit all 50 states because its been a goal since I was little. I want to because I want to live a fun life and it would be cool to say I've benn to all 50 states.
  • Bremuda Triangle

    Bremuda Triangle
    Another thing i thing will be totally AWESOME is to go through or in the Bremuda Triangle and make it out because not many people have and it will be a cool expirience.
  • Bye Bye World

    Bye Bye World
    I want to die of old age and be at least 100 years old which is another goal!