Animal Career

  • Working with the animals

    I will want to work with animals as a career or a job. During high school, maybe even College I will try my best in classes and get good grades so I have a chance to work with them.
  • Being realistic

    There are all kinds of animals that have to be taken care of, until they are healthy so they can go back to the place they live or find a good family to take care of them. I will try to work in the water, on landm in the desert, to look at all kinds of animals, to train them or study them or maybe even help them till they are better to be on their own again.
  • The money I will spend

    When I get out of school and have started working with animals I will spend as much as I can on them. I can take hundreds of dollars or maybe even thousands. My plan will be around $500 a week for them but sometimes it will be more because animals require a lot of money to take care of them.
  • Steps to reaching goal

    I will do all my work, show people how much I love animals and maybe even start a job where I'm working with them. Taking care of animals can be hard especially if they are all different animals because you have to remember their habitat or what they eat or the other animals that they are afraid of. I will show how I'm capable to work with them.
  • The goal is reached when..

    I'm planning on reaching this goal by the time I finish college which will be in 2020, most likely. So seven years I have to learn all I can about the animals and how I can take care of them, but what I want to do most of all is train them. It will be fun to work with the animals and teach them how to do things that most people can't teach the animals.