Andrew's Career

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  • Graduation Day!

    Graduation Day!
    By the time that I graduate I hope that I will be the top student in my class. I hope that my GPA will be 4.0. Over the summer I hope that I will spend a lot of my time working on Profeciency awards for FFA.
  • First day of College!

    First day of College!
    To go to SDSU for one year they estimate that it will cost about fifteen thousand dollars per year. I hope that I could take classes about marketing and precision farming. I hope that I enjoy myself at SDSU!
  • College Graduation!

    College Graduation!
    I hope to graduate college at the top of all of my classes just like in high school. I hope that my GPA will be a 4.0 as well. I hope that some of my internships will include working for an accountant and also for somebody who has the same occupation that I am going for while in college.
  • First day of work

    First day of work
    I hope that my first day of work will include making plans for my upcoming farming season. Between graduation and this day I hope that I can work for my dad while trying to find some land to buy for the upcoming years of farming. My first day of work will involve only plan making and maybe buying some equipment.
  • My first harvest

    My first harvest
    I hope that my first harvest will be a very sucessful one. I hope that my yield will be at least 200 bushels to the acre. Hopefully it will be an easy harvest!
  • Expanding my farm

    Expanding my farm
    I hope to be able to expand my farm a lot around this time. It is predicted that there will be a horrible droiught around this tiem so that would make land prices go down and easier to buy land. I also hope to be able to hire some new employees t orun the farm for me.
  • My farms largest point.

    My farms largest point.
    I hope that around my farm will be at its largest point ever now. I hope to own thousands of acres and have a whole city made just for my employees. I hope that my land will all be irrigated and tiled so that it can always reach it highest potential.
  • My highest yield ever!

    My highest yield ever!
    I hope that I will reach my highest yield at this point. My goal will to be at around 400 bushels per acre. It is predicted that all corn will have to yield this to provide our world with its food.
  • Selling my Business

    Selling my Business
    Hopefully at this time I can either start advertising my land for sale by auction or else I can rent it all out privately.
  • Retirement Day!

    Retirement Day!
    I hope that I will be able to retire at the age of 53 or a little younger. With the job that I have planned this is very possible because land will be very expensive some day and that will pay for my retirement. I hope that I will be able to retire and move to Florida for the winter and be in South Dakota in the summer.