Ancient Civilizations Timeline

By 2815
  • 200

    Han Empire (221BCE-207CE)

    The Han Empire (or Han Dynasty) was from China. They were known for their armies and they built the crossbow.
  • 330

    River Valley Civilizations 3300 BCE-1300 BCE

    The Indus, Tigris, Huang He, and Nile River Valley Civilizations appear. They pave the path for future civilizations like these ones.
  • 340

    Metal Tool Development (8000BCE-1300BCE)

    Metal tools were developed in this time. They started near the Neolithic Revolution up until 1300BCE. It made working easier.
  • 551

    Development of Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism (551BCE)

    These Chinise philosophies were similar to religions. They had ideas on life itself and how to act about your life.
  • Jan 1, 600

    Persian Empire 550BCE-651CE

    The Persians were one of the first large empires. They conquered lots of Europe and Western Asia on their way.
  • Jan 1, 622

    Advancement of Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhism (6000 BCE- 622 CE)

    These main religions gave people a code to live by and a way of life. They can be very important.
  • Jan 23, 748

    Roman Empire (44BCE-1453CE)

    The Roman Empire is considered to be one of the greatest ever. They conquered land and developed new great things.
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Rise of Cities (Rome, Tenochtitlan, Mohenjo Daro, Xi'an) 2600BCE 1325CE

    Four major cities around the world were demonstrating how civilizations work and how they function properly with people and jobs.
  • Jul 1, 1000

    Classical Greece, Mauryan, Gupta, and Early Mayan Civilizations (30000BCE-900CE)

    These were some of the main civilizations. The greeks were the earliest, while the mayans were the latest of them.
  • Neolithic Revolution (8000 BCE-5000 BCE)

    The Neolithic Revolution is when early civilizations transferred themselves from hunting and gathering to growing their own crops and food.