Amy Schinski's timeline

  • Happy Birthday

  • Period: to

    First 2yrs

    Biosocial Development- 6lbs and 19in.. Small baby! Given the name Amy, because of her size. She's growing great. Doesn't sleep well alittle colic. Loves laying on her dads tummy at night. Crawls at 7months and walks at 1yrs of age. Has all 5 sences and fine motor skills.
    Cognitive Development-Active learner at most. Follows her older sister alot. Talks well, but makes a huge mess at the table. Loves carrots!
    Psychosocial development- Can cry easy sometimes. Loves new people. Born Leader
  • The first 2 years- Cognitive

    Little sister born one day before Amy's 2nd birthday. Shared this day every sence... I asked for a red cake!
  • Period: to

    Early childhood

    Biosocial Development- Runs and skips.. Loves outside play. Rides a bike at 5yrs old
    Cognitive Developent- Does well at school. Talks so fast. Has many friends.Is the boss of kids though.
    Psychosocial development-Sometimes emotional. Blames things on her sister's.Know's she a girl, but don't like boys. Loves Mr. Rogers amd loves people.
  • Period: to

    Middle childhood-Biosocial Development

  • middle childhood- Biosocial

    Lots of friends and loved playing outside Play baseball
  • Middle Childhood-Psychosocial

    Was a well-liked child. Always stood up for the underdog. Made me who I am today.
  • Middlechildhood-Cognitive

    Didn't care for school. Had my 1st communion.
  • Period: to


  • Adolescence- Biosocial

    Had my 1st period. Felt alil chubby
  • Adolescence- Cognitive

    Driver's license. I bought my own car. A $150.00 Ford Pinto- Started to experience life outside the home.
  • Adolesence- Psychosocial Development

    Graduated from high school. Workng full-time. Had very close friends. Loved someone so bad it hurt.
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Emerging Adulthood- Biosocial

    Was working full-time. Manager for Taco Bell. Loved life! Moved out of my parents house with my older sister. Fun times!
  • Emerging Adulthood- Cognitive Developent

    Started College. Worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken running my own store. Making good money. Had a few bad break-up with men.
  • Emerging Adulthood- Psychosocial

    In a serious relationship. Cohabitation with Him. Own place and still making good money
  • Period: to


  • Adulthood- Cognitive developent

    Was a great mom.. Had another daughter... Not alot of work out there. Split up with kids dad. Should of years ago. Financial Hardships
  • Adulthood- Psychosocial Developemt

    I turned 40...! Im old and my girls are 16 and 9 yrs old. Ive been a single mom awhile. Still Love life! I love people even more.
  • Adulthood Biosocial Developent

    Had my 1st child. Quit College because of the baby. Needed more from lie and my realtionship I was in.
  • Late adulthood- Biosocial

    Hope to have a grandchild, Wanna be financial stable and ready to retire
  • Period: to

    Late adulthood

  • Late Adulthood- Cognitive

    Im 65... Im a diabetic, but still love cake. A whipper snapper for sure. Still love to cook. Maybe Ill own my own place... On an Island
  • Late Adulthood- Psychosocial

    Pretty frail. Living in Assisted living. My kids and grandkids visit alot. I still love people. Many of my friends have passed on.
  • Period: to

    Death and Dying

    May I rest in peace
  • Death and dying

    Will be remembered as a caring person. I wasnt affraid to die. Left a good amount of money to my grandchildren.